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Hip Grinding While Deadlifting

Hey, sorry if this is the wrong section. Anyway, I have this problem with the right side of my hip. Whenever I walk or run, it starts popping and grinding and it hurts. I don’t know why it’s happening it just noticed it one day.

Recently it hasn’t been popping and grinding as much when I walk, but when I do deadlifts it hurts like hell! When I do Squats it feels fine though. Can anyone give me any advice?

See an orthopedist or three. That doesn’t sound right at all.

Oh yeah, If forgot to say, I went to the doctors office and got an x-ray but they said nothing was wrong.

They were able to tell you that from an X-ray? Amazing.

Ask him if the pain could be caused by damage to soft tissue and how well that would show up on an X-ray.