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Hip flexors

My weightlifting program is largely composed of Olympic lifts (all power) and dead lifts (all conventional). As such my hip extensors get a lot of loading.

I am looking to have equal loading on my hip flexors for postural reasons. What exercises can I do for my hip flexors that have an external load?

So far I can only think of hanging knee up.

Would it make sense to do an equal number of sets for the hip flexors as the hip extensors?

bluey one great hip flexor movement is the “Scissor hip extension” CT describes it in his “Painful 7” article here http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/237pain2.html

Its a great movement and as you get stronger you can add resistance by laying a plate across your hip/abdomen area. You’ll really feel it in your hamstrings also. Using CT’s method I found out that leting my off bench leg not come much above parallel adds resistance and allows me to extend the hip push with a greater range and working that area to a greater extent, for me.

Try incline situps.

I’m not sure that the ‘scissor hip extensions’ would be the best idea for someone looking to balance their hip flexion to hip extension as this is predominantly a ‘hip extension’ movement. The clues in the name…

You’d be better off doing something like standing ab pull downs as used by WSB. I find this works a treat.

Opps you’re right creed I saw hip and immediately thought of CT’s scissor extension and blind read the rest.

Bluey they’re are two meovements that might not have been mentioned here. One is a standing Cable Hip Flexion. Put the cable on the closest to the ground poisiton. Attach one of those ankle velcro staps to your ankles. Stand with your back to the cable so the cable is running behind you. Now bring your knee to your chest. The 2nd one is same setup, cable on the lowest setting and ankle strap attached to your ankle but this time lie on the ground with legs extended straight out. Then same thing bring your knee to your chest.

You can also do a modified Roman Chair Sit Up. Pull a bench to a dumbell rack. Instead of keeping your upper and lower at 90 degrees extend your feet straight out and lock your toes on the bottom rack. Then do a sit up or crunch. Your hips will be active throughout the entire movement.

Didn’t read the other posts so forgive if redundant. Probably my favorite exercise for this is what I call “wide outs.” If you look in elitefts exercise index, I think they are called “straight leg sit ups.” Put your feet out wide and anchor them under something. Keep your legs straight and force outwards. Do a full range sit-up. Do them weighted. My PR is 110 for 6, wife’s is 55 for 6. (I have to double what she does or get my balls busted…lol.) Enjoy!

They are some good exercises.

What about program design?

One set of hip flexors for every set of hip extensors?

For example (sample workout):

Warm-up and stretching
1 Power snatch
70% x 1
75% x 1
80% x 1
85% x 1
90% x 1
95% x 1 (maybe a another set or two if felling fresh or maybe go for a max or PB)
2 Hanging knee up with external load
70% x 1
75% x 1
80% x 1
85% x 1
90% x 1
95% x 1 (maybe a another set or two if felling fresh or maybe go for a max or PB)
Warm-down and stretching

Sorry, the hanging knee up are not meant to be 1 rep. 5 reps for example.

I guess you can see that I like pyramid sets!

Or could you superset hip extensors and flexors?

Sample workout:

Power snatch then Hanging knee up
Increase weight and repeat

This might work better since it would be hard to do the hanging leg raises at the end due to be undisciplined.