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Hip Flexors

I strained my hip flexors 4 weeks ago. I’ve been resting my legs but the strain just won’t go away. Any advice on getting healthy, I really want to start doing leg work again.

Probably the time for icing has passed but I would stretch and bike ride and/or do light weights with alot of reps. Four weeks sounds like a severe strain but I’d ease back into getting the blood circulating again.

I have found a scissor-split stretch has been helpful for this kind of strain.

try lunges and one-legged exercises to stretch and strengthen the hip flexors simultaneously.

Going for a massage seems to be the only way to get the hip flexors to relax once they are in spasm for me.

I somehow seem to injure that area after a layoff from running my “cure” for this is to do hanging knee raises.

How did you injure your hip flexor? Stretching is very important as these muscles tend to be extremely tight in most people. I would stay away from exercises that require you to sit until you feel the muscle is better. I may be wrong but I believe too much sitting around and even seated exercises can lead to tight hip flexors. Sorry to disagree with most of the previous responses but you asked so I’m answering. I wouldn’t bother with the stationary bike based on what I just said about being seated. Try a treadmill to warm up. I also wouldn’t recommend initially using high reps to “solve” your problem as you would be going from one end of the spectrum to the other (basiclly going from no hip flexor work to high rep work is not a good idea). You need to strengthen the muscles first. And lastly I definitely WOULD NOT DO HANGING LEG RAISES!!! First get full range of motion back and then work to strengthen the muscle and then work up to higher reps all while keeping and/or increasing your range of motion and I think you’ll find what you are looking for. Lastly it’s very important to know how you hurt the muscle and why. It makes it much easier to avoid the next time around. Good luck.