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Hip Flexors / Lower Back Stiffness


Just curious if this is a possible/true

my lower back has been pretty tight today as well as my hip flexors. Then I did box squats and it didn't do shit but make it 10x worse. (Then step ups, then rack pulls and i had to grit my way through those)

After I stretched out my hip flexors I was fine, my back didn't even bug me

I was wondering if there was an anatomical reason for this... Like are the lower back muscles and hip flexors tied together?


At a guess, the origin of the hip flexors being the lower 3 or 4 lumbar vertebrae might cause the lower back muscles to contract to counter the pull of the hip flexors, assuming they are tight.

I have had the same symptoms in the past when my hip flexors are tight.


Yup - a couple do connect. That's actually a good reason to lean into hip flexor stretches very slowly, as a sidenote.



Can you give us some good examples of the hip flexor stretches you used?? I also have a good bit of tightness!!


i had the same thing, i started doing hip mobility movements and dynamic stretching before squats. The cause, from what i've read and experienced, is tight hamstrings and for me calves as well. at least twice a week on my off nights i would do around 15 minutes of stretching and the problem is 95% better after 2.5 weeks of this.

Read the Article by E. Cressey "Get your Butt in Gear", i basically followed that template.


Xen -

The psoas runs from the front of the hip to the lumbar vertebrae.

Worker -

For static stretches, you can check out "Hardcore Stretching" Part 2, but for dynamic stretches (what you'd use pre-workout) you need to check out "Magnificent Mobility" by Eric and I (it's located in the Biotest store in the top left corner). It will take you through numerous stretches for all areas, but especially the hip flexors.

Stay strong


Go to http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/archive/articles_dirty-tricks.htm

This has worked well for me. I sit all damn day and this stretch really helps.


The psoas( a HF) connects to all the lumbar vertabrea as well as some of the thoraic, so when tight they literally pull the spine forward, hench the anterior pelvic tilt. I'd do tones of warrior lunges with a twist. Hope this helps