Hip Flexor/Upper Thigh Inflammation, Scar Tissue?

About 4 years ago I injured myself playing 5-a-side football. Just took it as a pulled groin/hamstring and I was back walking on it within- 4 days, and back squatting on it within 10 days. No real issues.

I don’t play football anymore but coach under-12s. Recently I’ve noticed that whenever I strike a ball I am getting a strain in a similar area. It does not affect any of my lifting, I do not feel any pain when deadlifting, squatting etc. Nor do I feel an imbalance in strength.

What I have noticed though is a lump (oh shi-), I can’t feel it to touch when stood up straight but if I manipulate my leg, or contract it in a certain way there is a hard lump perhaps 2/3rds the size of a golf ball. It is not on the skin, it is definitely under and feels like it could be muscular.

I do plan to go to the doctor with it just incase it is something serious, but until then I’d like to know if anyone has any input for me.

Cheers guys.

If you massage the area does the lump move around ? is it sore? Obviously the first thing to say is if you are not sure go and seek medical advice. It could just be a good old muscle knot or some scar tissue from a previous small muscle tear but it could also be other things. If seeing a doctor is problematic then maybe a good physio or remiedial massage would be worth a go.


Thanks for the input.

No it doesn’t move around. It’s not super sore or anything, but I’m definitely in more discomfort since I started worrying about it :melting_face:.

The lump is hard and doesn’t move. Part of me is thinking that when I injured myself those few years ago it was a more serious tear and a small muscle has coiled up and hardened or something. Maybe that’s a dumb thought though as I was walking and exercising so soon after.

I’ll definitely get it checked out. My doctors will probably have me wait a month before being able to get an appointment though. The towns got bigger but their still only remains the one general practitioners.

No harm just getting a remedial massage first and see if it helps

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