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Hip Flexor Tightness

Hey guys, recently when I’ve been doin squats I feel like my hip flexors are super tight and holding me back from doing more weight. I squat pretty much ass to grass and I feel my hip flexors alot in my warm up sets. I don’t feel the tightness so much when I get into my work sets but I think its holding me back a bit. I foam roll often. any help is appreciated.


Stretch 'em!

These have wored great for my squat:

Hip flexor stretch with elevated back foot:

and also the piriformis stretch(this chick is worth the watch):

Also I have no idea what this is for but does it really matter?

Mobility warm up and static hip stretches prior to squatting, its that simple.

Check out Mike Robertson’s “The Hips Don’t Lie” article. I just finished four weeks of it. Good Stuff.

I just found a way to stretch my hip flexors that works really well. You take a strong band and loop over a pullup bar on a squat rack. Then stick one foot in and get in the position of doing a Bulgarian squat.

Now you can move your back leg and torso to different positions to hit different areas on the hip flexors. It works really well. It probably something Dick Hartzell does but I haven’t seen it before.