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Hip Flexor Tear for 5 Months from ATG Squats

Im currently 18 a freshman in college and i throw discus but im also into olympic weight lifting. During July i was doing just a regular leg work out at the gym starting off with some squats. I was only in my second set doing 185x8 and when i squat i go ATG but when i went down and hit the bottom/dead position it felt like i got stabbed with a knife in my left hip flexor.

I always warm up properly 5 min on the treadmill working up a light sweat and heavy stretching. Im also a very flexible guy so that wasnt really an issue. I immediately went home and iced it and the next morning when i woke up i had alot of pain doing a sit up, sitting down, walking up the stairs, or lifting my left leg. I gave it a week and iced it every day and a week later i tried squatting again… got the same pain so i quit all leg work outs and dead lifting.

For the 2 months i just did upper body and i did alot of stretching and ice and i defiantly healed i was able to sit down walk up the stairs with out any pain all the everyday tasks gave me no pain except if i were to squat down. I then started my first semester at college and i worked out alot with the track team doing alot of power cleans/ power snatches and deadlifts.

I was able to dead 450 with no pain but a little bit of discomfort same thing went for power cleans and snatches. There was never really much pain but it was aggrivated. I started seeing the athletic trainer and he had me do some therapy for the next month but i think i went back rather than going forward. I finally got an MRI and it showed alot of fluid build up and a slight tear.

Now im seeing a new physical therapist were doing alot of deep tissue massage foam rolling and very light stretching. I quit all lower body exercises and have just stuck with upperbody. Im getting extremely frustrated that im making no progress and im starting to question if ill ever be able to have full function of my hip again and squat.

I was curious if anyone else has experienced something like this or if they have heard of anything like it. Its been so long since ive really be able to work my entire body

Sorry for it being so wordy i wanted to try and be as clear as possible thanks!

The pain is in that area and a little lower

[quote]Andyb318 wrote:
I was curious if anyone else has experienced something like this or if they have heard of anything like it. Its been so long since ive really be able to work my entire body

Hi little buddy,

Sounds like you have injured the muscle/tendon near the insertion point. They take ages to heal. I have done the same to my adductors, and Ive been out for 2 months and still recovering.

You could maybe try some myofascial release in the area(if it doesnt hurt that bad). I would also look into maybe doing some high rep exercices that work the hip flexor, in the attempt to get the blood flowing around the area. Im not sure, but I dont think there is a whole lot of blood supply to that area. Im not sure of what high rep exercise you can do, maybe ask BBB.

I wish you luck in your journey to recovery.


Thanks for the advice ill definitely look into it I usually do some straight leg raises with a 5-10 pound ankle weight but usually only 2-3 sets x10

Same here, recently started PT after 6 months of squatting with pain. PT suggest to squat above parallel but after warm up and hip mobility work. The ideas is to get blood flow to promote recovery and strengthen surrounding muscles quads, glute, hams, and abductors.

Check out Mike Robertson or Eric Cressey articles about hip mobility and warm up. After about 2 months, 8 sessions of PT and rehab, the pain almost is gone. It still hurts during deep tissue massages and muscles release but a lot less from when i first started PT. This type of injuries takes FOREVER to heal.