Hip Flexor Streches

ANyone have any good hip flexor stretches to share, working on this area currently getting bored of the 2 i know. RR

What are the two you do?

The only two of which I’m aware are the lunge-type stretch (and variations) and Poliquin’s incline bench one.

The best choice depends on what muscle you want to stretch

Not sure what context/setting you want these stretches for, but I was recently shown one that I can use at work. As a software guy, I sit at a desk most of the day. This one can be done sitting in the chair.

-place one leg across the other, like you are going to cross your legs. The legs should be perpendicular (outside of foot/ankle touches top of other knee).
-sit up straight in your chair, with a small arch in the lower back.
-grab your foot that is resting on your knee, and slowly pull it up towards you a bit
-lean forward slightly, like you?re doing a good morning

You should feel the stretch right through your hip flexor.

This is one of Pavel’s hip flexor stretches.

  1. take your shoes off.

2)lie on the ground like you are going to do crunches.

3)put your shoes between you knees and squeeze them fairly hard.

  1. push your feet hard into the deck and raise your pelvis as high as you can. hold for 3-5 seconds

  2. repeat.

See Alessi’s pre-exhaust giant set in the new paper issue of t-mag. Good stuff.

A good one from mel siff

Lounge with a light bar overhead. realy streches those flexors.

Another though sucker is the knee split - try a front split on your knees.

also, there is the dynamic hip flexor stretch - fornt lounges and switch back and forth.

BTW that chair strtech will stretch just the insertion of the psoas to the lubar fascia, and possibly the IT band more.