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Hip Flexor Strain?

The coach couldn’t believe the time displayed on the stopwatch so he made me run it again. I ran it again. At the end of the 2nd 40 yd dash my quad and ham tighten up suddenly. Time for victories. 8 Victories (200m sprints) later, my leg is on fire.

2 DAYS later, here i am, the pain seems to have moved up my quad to my hip flexor and i can’t run faster than a quick burst or a steady jog without burning pain. I know soreness and i know muscle damage. This isn’t soreness. The question is, how do i proceed now? Ice? Stretch? Massage? Contrast Bathes? I’ve been doing those. I would really like an estimate of how long this should take to recover even if it isn’t accurate within 1 week…

Should i get this checked out by a phys therapist? (This would be inconvenient so don’t immediately suggest this unless you think it really necessary). Any advice is much appreciated.


Check out the end of the “MR:Time to get it on” thread in the strength sports section. It’s odd that you felt more of a general leg tightness when it happened. The fact that it sort of “moved up” your leg may be a result of some sort of compensation by your hip. If you have a coach, don’t you have a trainer that can look at it?

Yes we do have a trainer but he hasnt been around much at practice and my coach told me that the trainer would just tell me the same thing- to ice and stretch…


Looks like you have your answer then. Ice, stretch, and some foam rolling and see how it progresses. If it doesn’t improve then your trainer will probably take another course of action. After all, your coach and trainer want their horses on the track and fast. Just don’t let em shoot you for glue!

I will see the trainer on Monday. Has anyone else had a hip flexor strain/injury that can tell me how it went? How long it took to recover/what worked best?