Hip Flexor Question

In Cosgrove’s last leg training article he mentioned how when it comes to squats, a lot of people have problems with ankle and knee mobility. He also mentioned that if you can’t complete a full squat without your heels from lifting off the ground, you have hip flexor issues.

I’m that guy, the one who can’t complete a squat without raising my heels off the floor. This generally leads me to having anterior knee problems. I really want to fix this problem, but feel uneducated on how to increase my hip flexor flexibility.

Does any one have some stretching or mobility tips they can give me problem?
I’m sick of my piss poor squat


Do a search.

may need to drop the weight.

try a squat with no weight if u can keep ur heels on the ground gradually move up in weight until u can’t… then start at that weight and dont counts reps in which ur heels come off ground… i dont know much about the subject but this is generally what i try to do with most form issues

oh another thing… what kind shoes are u wearing… try chuck t’s

Also, squat… a lot.

Do body weight squats at home barefoot. The last “leg training myths exposed” article had some exercise for mobility.

The one movement that helped me the most was the goblet squat. Dan John explains in a video online somewhere, search google video. I’m sure someone will chime in with a link soon enough.

Thanks guys, that goblet squat looks like something that could help.

yeah I cant squat for shit but just the other day was introduced to the goblet squat and used it yesterday and shit I like it alot because I feel I have perfect form.

After my accident I remember the first time I tried I couldnt even do a plain body weight squat with out twisting my whole body and bringing my heal(s) off the ground and shit it was awuful. So I just started by doing body weight squats on to a box that I gradually lowered untill I gained enfough control to get rid of the box altogether and thought I could add weight, but I still have trouble with a bar on my back (it affects my balance) but goblet squats are working for me right now.