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Hip Flexor Pains

After my college football season ended I started to lift with the starting strength program. I went through two workouts and my squat numbers were very low (185x5) but I figured I just needed to develop the flexibility to full squat as I was having trouble getting full depth.

I wasn’t able to lift for a week and in my first workout coming back I felt a painful pop in my hip flexors while squatting. I racked the bar and tried squatting again but it killed my hip flexors so I ended my squatting and continued my workout.

The next workout I tried squatting again but my hip flexors hurt a lot and I kept falling backward once I got a few inches above parallel. I figure my hip flexors are just really tight (I have an anterior pelvic tilt) so I start stretching them twice a day. This didn’t help and I figured my hamstrings and calves are too tight causing my hip flexors to work too hard and making me fall backwards. So I started stretching all three about a week ago but I still feel an intense pain in my hip flexors and fall back when I get lowish while squatting.

The front side of my hips hurt whenever I move so yesterday I figured I have just been irritating them more by stretching so much so I’ve stopped to try and let them heal. I have been unable to squat even with just the bar on my back since the day I bothered them originally(I am able to do bodyweight squats with just mild irritation). I have also been able to deadlift fine.

Does anybody have any recommendations as to what I can do to fix this? Any help would me greatly appreciated

When you squat for the first time in a long time there is a great chance of irritating thehip flexors. I wouldnt worry about it. Keep stretching those puppies. Although I would be concerned about any popping.