Hip Flexor Pain

My hip flexors were killing me today in the deep squat position on snatch, and then while doing back squats. Has anyone had this problem before? Also my hips feel completely out of whack and my right hip is kind of hiked up if that makes sense. I spend a lot of time stretching, but that almost makes things worse. My record on snatch is 270, and I only managed 245 today, and could only power snatch it. Squats went even worse. I am just coming back from a deload, so this should not be happening. Any insights are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

I’ve had minor hip issues before mostly due to imbalances. How are you stretching? The stretches that help me most are the “couch stretch” and the pigeon stretch (I think that’s what it’s called). Forgive me for a crossfit reference but Kelly Starrett is the man and mobilitywod is worth a look for fixin ailments.

Glute activation?

My hip flexors get pissy if I get too vigorous about stretching them.

I got some tracking issues with my hips, too. Gently stretching them (thinking of it more as mobilizing them) while being sure to activate my glutes works okay for me. Others kinds of static stretching results in tracking problems / tendonitis feeling.

I’m not going to lie to you. This is going to suck.

I experienced the exact same thing you are described. It developed gradually while doing Smolov, and I had to quit the cycle because of it. I did a ton of research and saw numerous physios/sports med docs, and none could give me a definite answer in terms of what it was. It was most likely hip tendonitis, according to the last sports med doc. Regardless, it got better by taking several months off squatting, and PVC rolling my hips every day. Try to get the roller right in the area that hurts when you squat. For me, this was right in the hip crease. Probably shouldn’t static stretch your hips, as this can irritate it further until your hips are healthy. As a result of the experience, I have to be much more dilligent about warming up my hips/lower body. But I’m able to squat again, and am slowly getting back to where I was before. But since it took 5 months for the pain to go away, I lost significant squat numbers.