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Hip Flexor Pain in Squat


last Monday when I was squatting I got a real bad pain in my hip flexor, which hasn't happened before. at lacrosse practice that night it started hurting again when we were doing sprints. Then, Friday night I was at a B-ball game and it was starting to hurt again (in conjunction with some abductor soreness) just sitting there watching.

what appears to be the problem is that I've finally seen the light and started squatting a2g. I was fucking around with it today to try to determine the cause. So i was doing some squats, just bodyweight, and noticed: at a wide stance I couldn't even get down to parallel; at my regular stance (feet a few inches outside of shoulders) I started to feel the pain at parallel; in a narrow stance (feet directly under shoulders) I had no problems.

so my guess would have to be that i'm having some sort of flexibility issue. any help is appreciated.


I am curious about this as well, as I've experience the very same thing. I chalk it up to overuse, as I just finished the Smolov intro cycle (squatting 4x a week for three weeks).


if you are playing that many sports over use could be it, when i do track i cant squat wide very much because of hip flexor pain from the sprinting constantly 5x a week or so. Try some supportive briefs (loose) heard good things about them, ice and stretch alot. Make sure you stretch the glutes and hammies extensively as well. Foam roll.


I had a similar problem with wide stance squat. I was very tight in my hip flexors and low back. Basically I was just not flexible enough. Now I foam roll, use stretching, and spend more time warming up before squat/deadlift and both of my ailments have improved.


oh, sorry for the confusion. I wasn't playing basketball, i was at my HS game as a spectator.

but, just to add. I currently only have lacrosse practice on Mon. and Thurs., which are the same days i do squat for my bodybuilding class. I'll get those switched to Tues. and Fri. and see how that works.


Take your lacrosse ball, lay face down on the ground and put shit tons of pressure on it (the ball should be between your hip flexors and the floor). This will be very painful at first. Next take the ball and in a similar fashion, repeat on any and all sore spots you can find around your hips. I also suggest crossing one foot over your other knee and hitting up your glute area (Just to the outside of your hip/butt bone) and the TFL/Glute medius area (lateral side of your hip, right below your iliac crest and forward of that for your TFL). This should help.

And yes, when wide stance squatting you will pinch your hip flexors up some and cause lots of pain. It's not pleasant. Also, stretching your hip flexors will work wonders for you.


Also same movements with a section of UVC pipe. When you hit that tight spot you will know it


Could be you're just not built to squat with a wide stance.


The first time I squatted 315 I ended up injuring my right hip flexor, didn't notice it during the lift but the pain over the next 3 weeks was incredible. It took some very aggressive ART to make progress on it but it hasn't bothered me in over a year.


Are you sure it is not your Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) or Sartorius that are sore. I mean technically these do flex the hip, but generally if you go to a massage therapist or someone of the sort they will think your talking about your Iliopsoas.

I made that mistake, but when identified where I was really sore, the massage therapist stuck his elbow right on the spot and pushed down as hard as he could. The next day, no pain when squatting and my back felt beautiful.


I think that's actually the case for me. I did the same thing with a tennis ball. No pain after a couple of days.


Great thread. Yesterday I MFR'd the sore part of my hip with a golf ball and put as much pressure as I could on it. This morning I have full mobility with absolutely no pain.

For the last 8 weeks its been impossible to flex/abduct hip at the same time. I still haven't tested it with squat/snatch/cleans, but I have a good feeling.


It usually turns out to be TFL area thats pinching, but feels like hip flexor. Smash it up with a baseball, it gets notoriously bunged up


Incorporate foam rolling. Target all areas of the thigh/hamstring. I felt pain in my hip for some time as a result of heavy squating. I then started foam rolling my hamstrings, quads and it band and the problem went away.


I went and saw my physio about the pain I was feeling in my TFL and hip when squatting. He reckons that the tightness in my glute medius is causing my legs to get external rotated while pulling on my hip flexors (both illiopsoas and TFL).

He suggested I work on increasing the ROM for internal rotation, and strecth my piriformis, IT Band and illiopsoas more. Some soft tissue work on these areas were also suggested.

That was about a week ago I have been following his suggestions, but it is too early to tell if it is working, but the signs are good.


When my IT band gets tight I begin to feel knee and hip pain. Once I get on the foam it usually goes after a couple of days. I now try and work the IT every second or third day.


Foam roll that shit bro!


had same issue, did a bit of foam rolling, then baseball rolling, and monday it was pretty well gone, though i find it still hurts if i'm not using enough weight.