Hip Flexor Issue?

I’m about to be 20, 5’8 175 8% bf training 4years. Have managed to get a 405 box sq before all my leg injuries, i cant even do 135 now. I have a very deep, sharp, nagging pain inside my left inner groin/hip flexor area which has increased tremendously in this last year. I believe i originally aggrivated it about 2 years ago doing decline heavy abs, i felt a pop. Not much pain then, but about 8 months ago i blew out my knee in the army and couldnt bend it for 2 weeksish. Once i could walk again, i noticed my left groin(same side as my injured knee) was seriously tight. Never mentioned it thought, but now its in the way and pretty painfull.

I’ve iced it, massaged it, rested it, and stretched the hell out of it. I’ve had to seriously lay off my kickboxing this whole year, and stayed far away from squatting. No matter the stance, wide, narrow it all hurts this area and makes deadlifts difficult as well. Even the stretches are difficult to perform. I’ve just recently got insurance, so ill be getting an MRI soon. I’m wondering if anyone could possibly inform me of what this might be, what to expect, and how long the healing process is?

how much single leg work have you done throughout your career?

Here and there i have done some, but for the most part most my leg work has been done with both legs.

What causes pain?
Hip Flexion?
Or both?

*Sorry, I meant Adduction

Abduction is very painful, and i have barely any range of motion before pain. Flexion is also painful but i am able to my knee to chest and not nearly as sharp a pain.

It sounds like a tear in either your adductor group, pectineus, or gracilis. Are there any areas where a muscle has either lumped up or created a “divot”?

On another note, the knee injury could very well be a result of the hip injury. When a mobile joint’s range of motion is reduced, stable joints usually pay for it.

have you been evaluated for a hernia?

You may have torn your labrum in your hip. It sounds a lot like what I was dealing with. I swore it was a muscle issue in my groin, and two years later I found out it was actually joint damage. Good luck with your MRI.

First let me thank all of you I really do appreciate the info. I have been evaluated for a hernia, it’s not that. I had my MRI and am expectin results early next week. If it is a tear, what will they do for me? How long can I expect to be out?

Got my results today. The radiologist told me over the phone that it is “stress damage” and recommended i stay away from heavy weights and rest it. I told her ive already rested it for 6 months, and asked if there way anything else they can do she said no. Im going to get a second opinion, ive rested it and still has not healed at all. I dont agree with their determination. Any thoughts? Ill be going to a orthopedic doctor as soon as i can

Was your MRI an arthrogram MRI (did they use dye)?

No dye was used

If you go for a second opinion, make sure to explain to your doctor the issues and concerns you have and that the MRI you received was not arthrogram. If the new doc is willing to send you for another MRI, request for an arthrogram MRI. For joints like the elbow, shoulder, and hip, they help show better imaging of the internal structures.