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Hip Flexor Issue During Squat


I am having hip flexor issues on my right side when I squat. It feels kinda like a cramp. I can tolerate it, but it is just kind of annoying. Any ideas? Is there something wrong with my form? I used to run track and cross country and I also played basketball; I had a lot of issues with it back then, too.




Other than posting a video so we can see if you are doing something wrong, do some myofascial release on your hip flexors, plus glute activation before lifting.


I’ve had the same thing before. My Achilles, calves, hip flexors, it bands, low back, glutes and hamstrings were all tight. Address both legs as issues tend to zig zag up the body. I laid off squatting until it went away and had a few sports massages on top of hammering mobility work


I will try to get a video up. Until then, I will try some of the suggestions you guys have made. Thank you.


Do you sit a lot at work/school? Hip flexor pain is a plague in powerlifting it seems. A lot of the time, the issue isn’t from the quad itself. The hip flexor complex is also the insertion point for the psoas and illicus muscles. Those tend to get really short and tight with people who squat/engage in a lot of hip extension exercise and then sit a lot during the day too. Check out some soft tissue modalities for the “psoas” and see id that helps alleviate it.