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Hip Flexor Inflammation

Hello, so I run track in high school, and last year I injured my hip flexor and I was out for about two weeks. I never got an official diagnosis, but my school trainer believed that I had an inflamed hip flexor. Although I was able to start running again, squatting with some weight was difficult for me and my hip would still hurt. To this day, squatting with just the bar is doable, but I start to feel my hip getting aggravated after a couple sets. (My right hip flexor btw). How should I fix this for my squat? Should I ice it every night along with stretching? Thanks.

How long ago was the injury? I wouldn’t bother with the icing, I doubt that’d do anything. Try incorporating stretching and mobility exercises while you work out and never forget to warm up.

I started having the hip flexor issues about December, 2014. Ever since then, squatting with weight has been difficult, so I just shied about from squatting, but I really wanna get back into it now.