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Hip Flexor/Adductor/Glute Issue


I have an inactive right glute medius. This has attributed to something with my right hip flexor/adductor. I know how to fix the glute medius and am working on it. My issue is with this "knot" in the front of my thigh right around where the hip flexors/adductors meet up. I have had ART done, used prescription muscle relaxants, foam rolled, pvc rolled, baseball rolled, etc. I can't find anything that will make this "knot" go away. The ART guy has worked it as hard as he can and it helps but only briefly. It is very deep and hard to get to.

I only call it a knot because I can feel it interfering with movement if I bend forward over my right leg or try to do a lying (face up) piriformis stretch. I have found through trial and error that rolling and stretching my adductors prior really loosen the area up. How can I make this permanent or speed it up?


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Im unclear on exactly where this problem is. Can you mark on a picture where your having a knot?


The blue circle area, maybe just a bit higher because my paint skills lack... and it is on my right leg, not left.


Looks to be psoas, try a static bulgarian squat stretch. And I'd ditch the piriformis stretch IMO they are worthless. Do the supine internal rotator stretch cressey and gentilcore have been doing.


I meant supine internal rotation, which stretches the external rotators.


A psoas stretch doesn't seem to hit the area. If I do a hip flexor stretch (right knee down, left knee up) and place my left foot out the side at about a 45 deg angle and stretch in that direction, that hits the spot I am talking about. I do have a tender spot on my psoas also. I pvc rolled it and it nearly brought tears to my eye.

Thoughts? Also, I took a month off in the past from lower body and working out in general but it didn't help.


From the mobility drill you described it sounds more like an adductor muscular issue than anything else.


Now that I think of it I may have strained this exact muscle awhile ago going really deep on the leg press while attempting to keep an lumbar arch using the leg press to stretch, without really even thinking. I can't tell you what I did it just went away on its own.

Are you still lifting with this injury? Based on where your pointing it makes sense that it is the pectineus since its an adductor and hip flexor, would also make sense that the psoas is jacked up as well.


I am thinking it is the pectineus or adductor longus after looking at some anatomy drawings. I performed a pectineus stretch and I feel the stretch in the affected area. The "injury" affects me mostly doing mundane things. Such as when driving, if I shift my pelvis back by pulling with my glutes, I can feel the "pinch." I also feel the "pinch" if I bend over that leg to pick something up. The most aggravating thing is it doesn't hurt all the time and flares up just as it seems I have forgotten about it.

After reading this:
I am convinced it is one of those three muscles.

I am still lifting occasionally at the moment, work has me extremely busy. When I do lift, it doesn't really bother me other than I seem to have lost flexibility in my hips. I believe my body is protecting itself because although I stretch and work on mobility, something is awry. I also believe the psoas on that side is jacked up as well.

I appreciate the help I have been given so far.