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Hip Flexibility

Yo guys,

I’ve been lifting seriously for about 3 years now. For legs I’ve always done leg press because I was always worried about squatting the wrong way. About a year ago I started squatting and I am still having difficulty with getting below parallel. Do you guys have any suggestions for what to do about it

Why do you want to squat below parallel?

You might have tight hip flexors, or suffer from ankle immobility. Try stretches those and see if that helps.

If you want to improve your depth I found this one help me a lot.

“Squat to Stand”

Push your knees out with your elbows as you descend, pull yourself down into it. Rise up and repeat. Stick your ass behind and don’t let it tuck under.

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
Why do you want to squat below parallel?[/quote]

Try it sometime.

Stretch the hamstrings, glutes and quads. I’d highly recommend spending a good week or two reworking your squat form. That means drop the weight as low as needed and focus on getting depth rather than moving weight. It’s humbling at first, but I assure you very worthwhile within a few months.

^ That’s a nice vid from Diesel Crew regarding hip mobility. All their stuff is well worth a look at.

[quote]earthquake wrote:

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
Why do you want to squat below parallel?[/quote]

Try it sometime.[/quote]

I have. I wanted to know OP’s reasons.