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Hip Extension?


I'm having trouble really understanding what this is...

I don't really feel much of anything at all, especially in my hamstrings, from doing RDL's/Good morning's. Just wondering if someone could explain how to actually extend the hip?


when doing rdl's make sure the bar in grazing the front of you body the whole way down. and really try and push your hips back. you want all the pressure on your heels and sometimes my toes even come off the ground. keep you head up and ass back. same with gm's push back hard and keep your head up with your back arched. good luck


I disagree, I learned the RDL From Dragomir Cirosalan who introduced the excercise in the united states. The pressure should be through the middle of the foot. This helps you use your hams, glutes, and back all together.

Pushing back the hips and putting that much weight on your heels you are using your hips and torso like a lever and it takes the emphasis off the hams and back and puts it all on the glutes.

The excersise is supposed to strengthen the position above the knee in the clean and the snatch. And in these lifts you push through the middle of your foot to create the most force.


This might not be what you're looking for, and might be too basic so I apologise in advance. But just in case:

The easiest way I've found to focus on the hip joint is to focus on the location of the coin (small inner) pocket of most jeans. That's the hip joint - whenever I focus on glutes, I end up using my back.

Flexing a joint - that's a bicep curl. Extending, by definition, is the opposite - straightening the arm. Applying that to the hips, if you put your thumbs on the aforementioned coin pockets, you should crush them when you flex the hips and that area should open up and be pushed forward on extension of the hips.

Regarding the lifts themselves, the folks who've already posted know more than me. However, check out Cressey/Robertson's "Get Your Butt In Gear" as it addresses hip extension somewhat more specifically.






Anyone else?