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Hip Dysplasia


My left hip has been bothering me for a couple of years. Go to the doctor, go the the therapist and the physical therapist suspects that I have a mild case of hip dysplasia. Makes since given the symptoms and that my father and uncles (on that side) all have it as well. I was told to only half squat if I insist on squatting and otherwise avoid anything that seems to irritate it.

Exercises I know irritate my hip are squats to depth, leg press to depth, machine hack squat and machine leg curls. I am suspicious of straight-leg deads. Single leg movements like lunges are out because of my spondylolisthesis.

Deadlifts, DB leg curls, BB hack squats and leg extensions seem to be okay. I can do good mornings but only at light weight.

My questions:
What exercises are safe(r)?
What parameters should I follow, i.e. lower weight high reps? activation work? etc.
Any suggestions on how to strengthen the hips without irritating the condition further?



i always thought hip dysplasia was for labrador retrievers


What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia, because I also thought it was a Lab thing?


I figured Debra D would be a leading cause of hip dysplasia. ;^)


[quote]EasyRhino wrote:
What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia, because I also thought it was a Lab thing?[/quote]

I cannot say what are the key symptoms. The diagnosis came after several meetings, tests, questions, etc. One biggie (for me) is that it is a genetic and it does run in the men in my family. The physical therapist did not know about the family history until after the diagnosis, however. An X-ray would help nail down the diagnosis but it is not in the cards for a bit. The ‘treatment’ would be no different. Basically wear and tear on the joint makes it worse.

As far as my symptoms, everything around my hip would hurt off and on, things like getting out of the car was really painful- especially when pulling my leg towards me to swing it out the car door. Occasionally my left leg would feel wrong, I would walk funny, and the left leg would be longer than the right. During lifts I had trouble feeling the leg, not so much a weakness just could not feel it.

Not doing full depth squats, front or back, for a couple of weeks has helped.


bleh hope i dont have this lol


[quote]rasturai wrote:
bleh hope i dont have this lol[/quote]

According to those above, this affects dogs, not cats.


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