Hip Dom Exercises

What are your favorite hip dominate movements when going HEAVY (1-5 rep range). Obviously the deadlift - I use good mornings in the 8-10 range. Thoughts?

Power clean, power snatch, one arm dumbell snatch, and rack pulls all work well in the 1-5 rep range.

Deads and squats, though I rarely go lower than 5 rep sets.

What exactly is rack pulls?

Eibreh, what are your goals while lifting in this rep range?

Deadlifts, Good Morning, Clean & Snatch and their derivatives. Mainly, the deadlift and Good morning.


I like the oly lifts & their variations.

Don’t mean to intrude on your question to Jason, but rack pulls are extremly heavy deads off the pins of a squat rock. The pins should be knee level or slightly higher.

My goal is to increase size and strength. I’m in my most intense lifting cycle, 1-6. Some of the suggestions, power snatch/clean incorporate a deadlift movement with an upper body movement. I need that - I hit upper body on other days. Maybe I can use a normal stance dead for movement #1 and a w/ a wide stance (sumu) for movement #2 on the same day. Whadda ya think?

i know the original question was “hip domn” movements and not “hamstring” movements, but since the two usually go together here is my question. are the olympic lifts really that great for working your hamstrings? when i do them i am never really sore in my hamstrings and my quads are usually my weak point because if i miss a lift it is always because i can’t stand up with it after i catch it, not lifting it off the ground where i would think the hamstrings are mostly involved. i also have heard that most olympic lifters have a quad/ham strength ratio of about 4:1. so even though they are great for explosiveness, wouldn’t there be much better exercises for the hamstrings? by the way, i will have to agree with you both, olympic lifts are my favorite hip domn movement too. just wanted to sort of ask a side question. Thanks

A nice combination with hip/ham work that utilize’s Olympic lifts is the Hang Clean with 11/2 front squat. To do this start from the Hang Position, perform the Clean as you would normally do. But from the base of the Front Squat portion of the lift only come up to parallel, then return to the base and then finally Squat all the way back up. You will find this terrorize’s your Hip/Ham’s quite a bit. (Drax - I know you are a big O-lifter fan, have you done these?) There are so many great hip movements but many are rarely shown nowadays. You can also try kneeling hip squats for a little more “fun”. In faith, Coach Davies