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Hip Belts

any one use an “hip belt” to squat with if so what are your thoughts, I have a ruptured L5 disc so no bar on shoulders, was thinking about buying a leg press but a belt would allow me to use my oly bar.

Have a good un, cheers Spud Murphy

check out the one iron mind sells, it is great and a definite life saver for me when i have a bad back.

When I injured my L-5 a few years ago I bought the Iron Mind Hip Belt. It was fairly awkward at first but once I got use to balancing the bar it was pretty effective movement. I preferred using a shorter curl bar over a Olympic bar that reason.

My back is significantly better today (but not nearly 100%) so I have little difficulty back or front squatting so I only rarely will rotate hip belt squatting in when my LB needs a break however I do use my hip belt to drag a tire sled I made. But if you are unable to front or back squat pain-free then a hip belt would be a wise investment.

If you haven?t already, check out the article on T-mag on Hip Belt squatting (http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=201hip2) and for some more variations that minimize loading on your lower back check out Ian King?s Limping into October   and Mike Robertson?s Single Leg Supplement

huge, could not agree with you more.

however, i have found that instead of using the hip belt to hold a barbell loaded with weights, it is more practical and “feels” better to simply strap /chain the weights directly to the belt, like a westside barbell “belt-squat”.

thanks lads for the info have ordered a belt from Ironmind via a kettlebell web site in London should be shipped over this week. Cheers Spud