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Hip Belt


After posting on this forum I invested in a hip belt to squat with, a couple of things have come up, as I squat down the plates behind me tend to hit the floor even though I stand on a platform, is this a form thing or a momentum problem. Secondly my hips are becoming very sore, (yes I know it's a hip belt)am I doing something wrong or is this the consequence of using this type of equipment, other than that it's a great piece of kit. many thanks SPud Murphy


can't you attach it to a low pulley?

Also, the belt shouldn't be on top of the hips, it should be on the hips.


I've never used a hip belt, but I have heard of guys loading the bar front-heavy.


I tried this last night and it really helped balance the bar, thanks for the tip.
Cheers Spud Murphy


Holy Crap! I helped a guy!


Hey Spud, how have your hip belt squat workouts been going?

I just ordered one from Ironmind last night.