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Hip-Belt Squat, Ironmind

How many people have bought this belt from Ironmind?

Is it worth the money?

I’ve tried these before with a dipping belt jury-rigged to a bar in a squat rack and they do target the quads very well near the knees - a significant pump.





I’ve used one for years with great success. It does seems to focus the stress aound the knee but not in such a way as to be painful or injurious. I also stood with my heels on a 2x4. I performed 20 Rep squats (like the accompianing book suggests). I powerlift now and squat accordingly but I will never forget the size that belt put on my quads. Plus, you can use it- like I do- with sled dragging and dips… Worth the money!

I agree, def. worth the money.

The hip-belt squat is a great training tool. I began using it when I had trouble squatting heavy due to a lower back injury. I also ordered the loading pin which although optional, is a great way to load the weight onto the belt. The entire system is strong and to echo what has been said, I too use it to pull sleds and every now and then for dipping and chinning. Well worth the investment!

Best of Luck.