Hip/Back Issue, Long legs

Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum to voice this on but the problem has been since I started Olympic lifting, I’m 6"3 and have ridiculously long legs. When I air squat I feel like all my weight is behind my ankles and pulls me back, at first I thought this was a result of tight ankles but after taking a few pictures of myself in the squat position I notice my “hips” not lowering between my legs.

As I lower down there is a definitive point where my hips stop closing the gap to my quads and my upper torso tries to compensate by rounding to keep my center of gravity forward. Has anyone had this issue or know a fix? I have been doing lots of hip and ankle mobility stuff from KSTARR the last few days, it doesn’t seem to be improving.

Thank you

What happens if you keep your torso more upright?

Mobility work takes more than a few days or weeks to work. You also do still have tight ankles. I’m 6’3" with a 34" inseam, have a similar issue. But I notice that it’s there less so when there’s weight on my back or my shoulders. Your back is rounding there because you’re trying to keep your weight over your ankles but you don’t have the hip or ankle mobility to do so. Keep at it. It’ll get better.

Do plenty of front squats with empty bar/light weights and spend plenty of time in the bottom of the squat eg pauses for 3-5 seconds. Focus on keeping elbows up high constantly. Also try some clean grip overhead squat but just go as deep as possible with good form, again work in that bottom range, pauses, partials. Make sure your feet are shoulder width or wider, toes pointing out to 11&1 o’clock.

Okay thanks very much, Ankle mobility takes along time but I think ive got a good movement to do it now, ill work on the front squats.

Thanks again