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Hip and Upper Leg Pain When Squatting

For weeks now I’ve had a very painful, sharp pain in my right leg. I feel it at the bottom of the squat.

The pain is partly on the inner groin area and also the hip joint. It feels as if my hip needs stretching but I’ve tried all that and it’s been weeks now.

Its really hard to describe - so sorry for the vague description.

Has anyone else had similar issues to this?

i know what you are talking about

you need to “make space” in your joint

use a band to move around and loosen up the joint. I got a couple of “exercises” on my mind but I can’t really describe them so you gotta search for yourself lol

Thanks rakshy that makes sense. My right leg has always been an issue - I think my hip is just weird in that my right leg is a bit off.

I will get a band and also look online for some relevant exercises.

Hope it helps as it’s very painful squatting and got a competition in 5 weeks

those for start