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Hip and Obliques Tightness

Hi guys, I have been training for a year now, was doing great until December but since then I have had a tight hip, near the back which has made my whole left side tight. For example when i stretch I feel the tightness in my obliques and lats as well as rear hips.

Because of this I have been training with a decreased load, and started a full body training program. I also noticed the other day that one of my legs (The one with the hip/back issue) is visually smaller and undefined (quads mostly). Despite form rolling and stretching I have this tightness and nothing seems to help.

Has anybody experienced this, and can somebody offer some advice please? It is a bit frustrating to know that for around 4-5 months I did 140 Squat, 180 Deadlift and 135 Bench press (KG not LBS) and that for the last 7 months I have not gone up as I do not want to injure myself because of this tightness.

glute activation drills erryday

Postural Restoration Institute – Left AIC pattern.

I advise finding a certified physical therapist on their website.


Thank you, but I am not in the US

Glute activation drills can be done in any country

Yogi, I read what you said and I did some things today. Its better I think. You know when you have a plate in your hand and are doing obliques, going up and down sideways? When I do that to the right (No plates) the muscles are pulling me back down, I can feel it in the lower area next to my abs too…So frustrating!

I was thinking more along the lines of:

-glute bridges
-side lying clams
-bird dogs

Do those a couple of times a day and during your warm up.

Thanks, I will start that as of tomorrow.