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Hip Alignment


Has anyone here at any point experienced problems with hip alignment resulting in artificially unequal leg lengths ?

Im almost positive i have had a slight problem like this for a long time, years.

One leg is a little bit stronger and more flexible than the other leg .
Goofs my form up on squats a little bit.
On my supposed longer right leg my hamstring and gluteus medius will get tight.
When squatting deep i swear my right side drops just slightly lower than the left.
After squatting 3 times a week for a few months im starting to develope a nagging pain close to the back of my right knee while in the bottom position of a deep squat.

I look a bit ..off center doing overhead squats .

I feel that with whatever i have going on , getting good at snatches will be very difficult.

I think before anything else cool happens i really need to correct what the hell is going on with my pelvis . Im pretty sure its one of those things where one side is tilted causing one leg to be artificially longer.

I would like to read anecdotes/ knowledge / advice if you have any. Pelvic misalignment seems like one of those key things that is going to screw up alot of stuff you would normally be doing perfectly.



If it is just a functional discrepancy, a couple of trips to a chiropractor might straighten you out for a while. But you should find out what is aggravating it and correct that so it doesn't keep reoccurring.


I have a similar imbalance where one leg is stronger than the other, so I went to a PT for evaluation and they determined in the weaker leg, the femor may be slightly rotated. They would have to take xrays to be certain. I have always had this imbalance and could've been born this way.

In addition, the PT ran tests and determined my gluteus medius is weak and my psoas is tight so they suggested exercises and stretches to correct it. I normally do plenty of hip stretches and acitvation drills to make sure the glutes fire prior to working out and foam rolling, but not the specific ones the PT suggested.

And I'm not sure if this will correct my imbalance at the end nor is the PT sure it will. But I'll give those stretches a try and see if it fixes it but i am skeptical it won't and believe it's a structural thing. I've considered going to a Chiro but I'm not sold on them in general.

However, I've come a long way bringing the weaker leg up to par by doing unilateral exercises and while doing squats, trying to consciously use the weaker leg to gain strength. I can tell next day if both glutes are sore.

This is certainly a work in progress for me.