Hip Adductor Pain?

i wasn’t sure where to post this, but i figured i get a better response in here than in the bodybuilding forum.

i’d like to hear your guys opinion of a pain i’ve been having while squatting. i’ve recently acquired a pain in my hip adductors/groin. i have a limited knowledge of anatomy, but if i had to guess, i’d say it was my adductor longus.

anyway, i’ll give a little background as to how it started hurting. a couple months ago i started doing a ton of stretching, foam rolling, and hip mobility stuff almost every day with a goal of being able to do a deep full squat without losing the arch in my lower back and without that dipping of the pelvis at the bottom. well after i achieved that, i started doing my deep squatting, and all was well. then about a month ago, i started really focusing on them and started doing those deep back squats twice a week (sets of 10 one day and sets of 5 the other) in an effort to bring up that lift. it worked like a charm, as my strength increased from week to week, until i got up to a new 10RM of 315 and a 5RM of 345 (previously was ~265 and ~295, and not as deep). so i suspect a combination of this increased frequency, increased depth, and increased weight on my adductor muscles is the cause of the pain.

so after a couple weeks, i did notice my adductors hurting, but i just dismissed it as normal soreness, because that’s just what i thought it was. as another week or two passed, it got a little worse, but i still thought it was just soreness, and was able to push through it, and still able to increase the weight in the lift. then it kind of got to the point where i realized that it kind of crossed the line from soreness to a pain, as i feel it doing every day things, such as getting up from a chair, or when tossing and turning in bed.

well last week i went in for my squat workout and warmed up and did my first set. it hurt more than last squat session, but not to the point where i couldnt push through it. but i did the smart thing and decided to go home and rest. i took the week off from all lower body training in hopes that it would go away. i didnt do any stretching or soft tissue work on the muscle because i wasnt sure what was wrong with it and didnt know if that would help or be counterproductive, so i just rested.

so the week passed, but i still felt the same pain when doing every day things as before, as if it didnt get any better. the other day i did semi-heavy conventional deadlifts (10RM), which did not seem to aggravate the pain at all. i went in tonight for a squat workout, just to see how it felt, but after warming up and doing half of a set, the pain was the same as it was before i took the week off. it hurts at the bottom portion of the squat. i tried out other exercises to try to get a leg workout in, but it also hurts (at the bottom portion of) the leg press and split squats. so i went home. again, its not so bad that i cant push through it if i wanted to, but i obviously dont think thats the right thing to do.

sorry that this became such a long post. i’d be tremendously grateful for you taking the time to read this and offering any advice as to what could be wrong or how to make the pain go away… although not debilitating, it has become very annoying, and i fear that it may get worse if i continue with my quad-dominant exercises. also, let me know if theres any other information you’d like me to provide.

thanks a lot

I would think going to a professional would probably be best. Does anyone personally know of a good practicioner in NJ for weight lifting injuries?

The best thing I discovered for adductor’s injuries is ART, some physical therapy (not too much), and rest. Don’t try to be a superhero and keep pushing heavy weights during this time.

Since it’s been over a week you should start stretching now, although it was good to initially rest a bit. Try to heat it up first (shower, bath, hot pack) and then do some light adductor stretches.