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Hip Adduction/Abduction Machines

i am curious, who uses these?

i am trying to figure out if there is any use for them during my leg session or if they are unnecessary…

[quote]ktennies wrote:
i am curious, who uses these?

People who don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and douchebaggy people who read/talk on cellphone while training.

Don’t use them.

I really fail to see what they accomplish that a single leg or sumo stance squat/deadlift would not.

I dont use them but some pros at my gym do so I mean they cant be that bad

[quote]crod266 wrote:
I dont use them but some pros at my gym do so I mean they cant be that bad[/quote]

Yeah, they can be that bad. Just because a big/strong guy uses something, doesn’t mean that’s the thing that made him big/strong.

Other than rehab where the load is realy light, there’s no use for them.

For one, the ABduction one can cause tightness in the IT band.
A better exercise if needing to isolate the glute medius would be a standing exercise mimicking the same movement.

If people actually realized how tiny the muscles are of the ADdcution machine they wouldn’t waste their time with it.

Usually they’re used by people that have little to no understanding of the human body, and for the “big” guys that use it, it’s not what got them big. Soemtimes, “do what they big guys do” isn’t always the correct approach.
You need to take into account their whole routine, rather than a piece.

I started using one because my physical therapist told me to. This machine can help correct leg alignment issues like pidgin toeing.
I kinda laugh at the machine the gym I go to has, even at the max weight of 210lb I can easily do sets of 20 in both abduct and adduct mode.

I would love to know why some machines have such low weight limits such as the donkey calf machine with only 400lb of plates.

Unnecessary for most but if you have a distinct weakness in the inner thigh compared to the overall quad when viewed from the front than they can be of use.

And if a person can’t squat at least 315x12 than they don’t have any weakness besides just being too small overall.

Working all your musculatures through a full range of motion will always be ideal for developing strength, balance, and increased muscle mass. It is a supplemental exercise at best compared to leg presses, squats etc, but I’ll bet most could put a 1/2" on there legs if they have never used such a machine.

Assuming Intensity and progression are utilized.

jehovasfitness is right when he says it is beneficial for re-hab. However if the weight starts off light due to injury the goal is to increase it steadily making the effected area stronger.

Also it can be used intelligently for injury prevention. Being strong with the leg adduction to strengthen the groin so it is less prone to strain, pulls. Also a properly designed machine should allow for stretch in the groin thus improving range and further helping injury prevention.

I don’t recommend using cell phones with any exercise though. lol.


I agree w/Michael P.
Although they should not be your primary leg stations, and may not be needed year round in every leg routine, they should be included from time to time if your goal is complete/balanced/functional leg development.

I disagree completely.

The very same muscles can be worked through squats, lunges, step ups, side lunges, etc etc.

Now, I will say that if one has a weak glute med that doesn’t fire properly (quite a lot of females), then a standing cable X-walk (sorry no pics) would be a good choice to get it firing.

right on thanks guys.