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Hip Action on SGHP



Thanks in advance for using your time to answer our questions. I know we all appreciate it.

My question is regarding hip use in the SGHP. When I initiate the life and start up I pop the bar with my hips rather hard(ie: my hips actually come into contact with the bar and propel it slightly, only slightly, away from my body and upward). This is how I was taught to do power cleans and snatches by my HS football strength coach and I have just never questioned it.

I still get into good position at the top of the lift and I am able to move it explosively. Is this proper form or should I try to keep the bar off of my hips? I have tried viewing the videos posted on here but they move too fast for me to tell much about what the hips are doing in this regard. If a description alone is not enough I can post a video at another time. Thanks again. Others please feel free to chime in.


CT will have a way better explanation than I, but when I slightly widened my grip, I quit banging the bar into my hips.


Banging the hips on the bar is not bar per se, but it is bad if it is cause by an improper kinetic sequence.

Hitting the hips if the legs come to full extension at the same time is okay, the momentum will propel the bar upward. But banging the hips without the full leg extension is no good... if the bar travels forward it is because you punched your hips forward too much and didn't extend the legs enough.

You must also use your lats to bring the bar toward the hips (imagine doing a straight-arm pulldown)... if you only bring the hips forward the hips will hit the bar hard and the bar will move forward; if you sweep the bar in as you move the hips forward the contact will be much less violent and you will transfer more of the momentum upwards.


Thanks. My hip contact occurs while in the process of leg extension and I extend to the point that I get up on my toes. From your description it sounds like I am doing it right. Very appreciative of your help.


You very well might be doing it right. However one thing I didn't like was the "moving away from you slightly" portion. Contacting the hips us fine, but not if it bumps the bar forward... here is a picture of me doing a high pull, this is right after the explosion, notice that the bar hasb't drifted forward at all.


And if you look here, the bar moves up in pretty much a straight line, it doesn't move forward than loop back in.


180kg... someday somehow others will get to that level !

Just over half way......................................... needs to get back to gym.


That is exactly how I picture myself looking while doing the lift....only with more hair and fat and fewer muscles. I will video myself this weekend and compare. Can't thank you enough.


very good example. when i wear my belt, sometimes the bar hits the buckle, so i have to remember to keep the buckle off to the side.


That's why I very rarely, if ever, use a belt when doing olympic lifts


hmmm. interesting. i use the belt now with the heavier weights. more for fear of injuring my back again than anything else..


I do use a belt for cleans. I use a nylon Harbinger belt... it's thin so I never hit it with the bar


i have the same belt. the 5 inche with the velcro.. So, you use it for cleans, but not for hi pulls.


I do snatch-grip high pulls... I do not wear a belt when I no snatches so any snatch exercise I do not wear a belt on.


my apologies. you are absolutely correct. whenever i say hi pulls, i am referring to snatch grip hi pulls. i will be more specific in the future.
i'm curious. do you not use the belt on snatch exercise because you are focusing on the olympic lifts?
you mentioned in the past something about not using straps as much anymore either i believe.
are you on a mission? snatches "in the raw" so to speak, maybe?


I never snatched with a belt... very few olympic lifters snatch with a belt, even those who use a belt for clean & jerks normally go beltless in the snatch. That's how I always trained it and snatching with a belt actually feels weird.


i hear ya. i strained my back doing snatch grip hi pulls. i yanked the bar, and threw my hips out as hard as i could. i was being a jerk. :slightly_smiling:
since the back has healed, i put a belt on when the weight starts getting heavy. it's more psychological.


Yesterdays SGHP day... 90% clusters.

Any feedback welcome :slightly_smiling:


hum, already bad starting position.

this is normal after the movement is not good

watch the videos of CT, the details are important


looks like it's too heavy