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Hip Abduction Pain

Whats up guys, i recently added in a few more mobility exercises after watching the Magnificent Mobility DVD. One of these exercises was side to side-leg-swings, now at the top part of the movement which i think is hip abduction (forgive me if i am wrong) i feel a strange ache, or slight “sting” in the middle of my hip somewhere (its really quite hard to describe).

I don’t feel that same pain in any other type of exercise whatsoever, including stretching and foam rolling. I find that propping my leg up in the same position i feel pain and stretching the area lessons the “sting” i feel when i do side-to-side leg swings however nothing else does.

EDIT: I feel this discomfort in my left hip, i feel nothing on the right side.

What do you guys think about this?, any ideas?, i’m not that worried about it now i just wondered if anyone can over any advice on this small problem, as i don’t want it turning out into a large one. I’ve never had any previous hip problems.

It could be a ton of things. If it’s bothering you, I would recommend getting it checked out by a doc. They can point you in the right direction with what it is.