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Hip/Ab Pain at Bottom of Squat

Any one get a strange pain under their Adonis belt while squatting in the hole? I can deadlift and everything else but get a srs burn when I squat under the bottom left of my Adonis belt. I felt for a hernia and nothing. There seems to be this skinny muscle running parallel that could be the issue but I can’t figure it out. Any answers?

Hard to envisage what you are describing. A form check video might help.

Are you squatting with a belt? Are you deliberately bracing?

How long have you been squatting, and what are you squatting?

Does this only happen on heavy sets, or warm up sets as well?

This is 290. Only hurts on heavy sets. No belt. I’ve taken a lot of time off the past 3 years. I’ve been consistent for a month. I’m gonna try and upload a vid in a sec

At the end of the vid I reach for my waist. The pain is just a little below my belt.

Sounds like you have some difficulties handling abdominal pressure. Around the abdominals there is a lot of connective tissue and some weak spots, which if the pressure gets too high can herniate. I would say take a big step back concerning the weight and make sure your breathing is adequate. Because now you are already bracing your breath when taking the weight of the rack. This tells me your legs are strong, but your core isn’t.

And take a look at your technique. You are leaning forward a lot at the bottom position, this takes a huge toll on your back. Maybe putting a bit more pressure on the back of the foot instead of the front can make a differance.

Take care!

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If I had to guess I would say it’s either a hip flexor issue or hip impingement. Check out “Squat University”, they have some articles that can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

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