Hints Re: Searching Replies in a Topic

When going through a topic, it can be hard to find information spread out through long posts and multiple posts. Searching can help you.

In a browser, control F [^F] brings up a search function that allows finding a text string in the web page. In these forums, ^F is intercepted by the forum software and it is not useful in this context. However, if you open up a reply and use ^F that will allow the browser’s page search to work as expected. You may need your cursor in the edit window for the ^F. Depending on the browser you can highlight all instances or jump to the next. Do not use match case and often matching ‘whole words’ is not useful. For instance, I search iodi to find all references to iodized and iodine and ‘whole word’ searches would fail.

If after using this search you are not wanting to make a post, simply cancel out.