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Hindus Fleeing the Taliban


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The Taliban don't represent Islam.


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They don't speak for all of Islam. Why is that so hard to believe?


So are you saying all Muslims want Hindus dead if they don't convert?


By the way, your English is terrible. Educate yourself.


I'm a Hindu who grew up in the Middle East (Bahrain), and the answer is yes. You can try and paint as nice a public picture as you like, but would you, say, criticize another Muslim? Would you criticize Osama Bin Laden? Here? In writing?


it's slang, your from Canada, you wouldn't understand. you should do more research on Islam, and educate yourself. its the mark of a PC tool, like yourself, when you attack me on my grammar. everything I say, on Islam is based on solid facts. your are blind, you refuse to see the threat, that barbaric religion poses, to all people. war is inevitable, with muslims and there supporters.


Actually, per the example of Muhammad (explained in Sahih Muslim and elsewhere in Bukhari), the Muslims forced the Hindus into a brutal dhimma when they ruled India. Conversions were, for the most part, forbidden so that the Muslims could extract an enormous amount of jizyah (again, see the passage of Muslim I quoted) from the HIndus for the Caliph. But those who refused to pay jizyah were killed.

You should read KS Lal for more history on the subject:

Bostom's "The Legacy of Jihad" quotes him extensively.


While I am certain that there are a lot muslims who don't want to kill Hindus all muslims are helping to perpetuate a religion that teaches that Hindus should be killed if they don't convert or pay jizya.


That's bullshit. It comes down to extermism again. There's a lot of tension between India and Pakistan. Muslims in India are attacked as well. See the link below:

Even from the above story, I wouldn't come to the conclusion that all Hindus want Muslims dead. It's extremism. Of course, you rarely hear the attacks on Muslims.

I'm a Muslim and I'm not part of the Taliban like some idiots on this site would think. I, as well as all my friends who are Muslim, and my family have nothing against any other religion (except extremists).

Some of my best friends are Hindus and Christians. My cousin married a Catholic (and he didn't have to convert). Another cousin of mine is married to a Hindu.

And I have no problem with criticizing other "Muslims" like Bin Ladin, the Taliban, or Al Quaeda. They use a distorted view of the Quran to kill thousands of innocent people (most of them being Muslims themselves). I hope they're all captured and brought to justice.


My ancestors were converted from Hindus to Muslims a long time ago. In India, my ancestors were considered the Untouchables, the lowest caste. They were treated like garbage by fellow Hindus who thought they were above them. It's still happening today in India. The lowest castes are given jobs of working with garbage, human waste. We're a lot better off after being converted.


Bad grammar is slang?


Most people wouldn't read one story and think, "Gee, all Hindus want Muslims dead." If there were a string of atrocities carried out by Hindus on Muslims justified by the use of the Hindu religion, we'd probably change our minds.

This took place almost 2 decades ago. Have Hindus in India made a habit of doing things like this that we're not aware of?

Also, had you ever read the passage I quoted in Muslim before, or were you ignorant of it?


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Now that I see how bad your grammar is, it says a lot about your intelligence.


Reef, before you start questioning his intelligence, you may want to turn on spell check.

And what is an "extermist" ?

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