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Hindu Squats Benefical?


Hi all, just wondering if hindu squats are benefical for conditioning, or for that matter have any benefit at all. I was doing some plyo work yesterday, and after wards I decided to try some of these. My legs felt much tighter, in a good way, but I really don't know if there is much benefit to them. What ya'll think?


It's a yoga move. Use it as such


If you're talking about these:

It's just a bodyweight squat variation, popular among martial artists because of its use with old school Indian wrestlers. It's most often used for very high reps as a means of conditioning, but it's nothing magical.

It can be rough on the knees if you're not accustomed to high rep squats, but because of the incorporated arm swing, you can actually get a rhythm going and the momentum will seem to decrease the knee/leg stress as the reps go on.


Works for me.


The one and only time I tried them, I got 100 in a row before falling over. All i got was a painful quad pump, not even breathing heavier.


The technique Steve Maxwell does is the right one -of course it is-, but there is another thing worth mentioning that is unique with bethaks, beitaks etc however you call them.

The breathing pattern is reversed.
You breath in as you rise and out when you go down.

As you pile on the reps you should build a very steady rythm with rather strong breathing.

It will make sense after a while.
You do not focus so much on the strain on your legs or the exercise but on the breathing.
See it foremost as a breathing exercise.


He seems to put his weight close to his toes, is this the correct way?


Try adding a jump at the standing position reaching hands high above the head, we would rep these out into the 100's at MMA class.



A LONG time ago I used to use them as part of conditioning. Worked alright for me. The knee thing makes sense though, I was only a kid back then.


For hindu squats, yes. That's the point. Just don't try to turn them into a weighted exercise, they are meant to be done for super high reps.