Hilo of Growton 2022 Training Log

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Boxed for an hour today for the first time since late 2019, it felt great.

the fatigue and lack of breath is all just part of getting back into it.

if i kno whats good for me, ill stretch 30 min tomorrow morning before work


Today was a little sore in the morning,
went to the gym, did squats and pullups as a warm up.

15 min in the sauna. I should build up my heat tolerance especially going into summer.

Khalil Roundtree and Joe Rogan were talking about the sauna and he said he does sauna 20 min, then a ice bath and another 10 min in the sauna

I have a sauna, and a cold shower, that will have to work for now.

Todays focus was recovery, tonight or tomorrow I will spend 45 min stretching and try to start
stretching before every workday.

Tabata / Stations Intervals and also morning Running is in the future.

Bench and Pull ups

goal is consistency even if short workouts


Hilo played some disc golf over lunch and is taking a rest day, everything but my abs are sore, next sesh im working the abs

Biked 11 miles pulling the kids for some of it. Stopped at a brewery and pizza spot along the trail.

Played 18 disc golf (7 on front 9, then tanked on back 9)

Squats Tomorrow or Monday

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Yesterday worked on the landscaping. Today I probably wont get anything in. pretty busy

Tomorrow will get squats in over lunch, low weight high reps


Hilo did squats and pullups til he felt like puking. Light weight, perfect form. Greasing the Groove as Pavel would say. Getting the form recommitted to muscle memory after 2 1/2 years off. Strengthening the stabilizer muscles that were left to atrophy, neglected while life marched on.
Added in a couple sets of seated leg curls and rope pull downs each. Imma have some killer DOMS but I earned it.

6/8 Wednesday

Walked up and down a hill, a lot. Played some discgolf.

Neuro Pathway Conditioning (Grease The Groove) Wo Time Setup Time
Squats 45 x 20 5 5 5 5 5 Every 2 mins 12 2
Pullups Machine 12 12 12 12 12 12 72 Total * * 12 0.5
Dips / Rope Pulls 16 16 16 16 16 16 * * 12 0.5
Ab Machine 1 min 1 min 1 min 1 Min Rest 6 0.5
Leg Curls 1 min 1 min 1 min Circuit, depends on machine availability 6 0.5
Leg Extensions 1 min 1 min 1 min 6 0.5
54 4.5
58.5 total min Wo

Optional Acessory excercises might get added to the end, the 1 min rest for the Ab, Leg Curls and Extensions might be split amongst all 3 if the machines are open and I can run a true circuit

6/9/22 2022-06-09T04:00:00Z
June 9, 2022

Bench supersets w/ Pullups |

(115lb - 155 and #16 = -88 lbs)

| Starting low, focusing on form and breathing, should ramp up to 225 within 6 months.
Leg Press | 150lb 13reps in 1 min |
Preacher Curl Machine supersets w/ Rope Pull Downs

Still defining goals and building a plan, working in excel to make it

just more ideas while i am breaking back into fitness…

My squat is terrible, in HS my best bench was 315 for 3, and my hammer strength rows were 500lbs w/ the coach standing on the 45’s… my squat was never that good maybe 250, im tall so i hated them

Plan Template x2 a week:
Squats 5 x 5

Bench 3 x 5 \ superset
Pullups 3 x 12 /

OH KB Press or OH DB Press 3 x 5 \ ss
Curl ( Preacher, Reclined) 3 x 5 /

( Can work shoulder w DB at home)
(Abs and Back)

… its not perfect just ideas…

probably hammer it out this weekend and start Monday

might do 3 weeks of 5x5 and 3x5 and then every 4th week do 3x3 and then 1x1 and get a max for documentation

June 12, 2022

Hilo has determined in order to ensure consistent exercise he must get up and at the gym by 6:30

Hilo will treat assisted pullups as any other exercise and just gradually remove helper weights, while maintaining a set of 3x12

Hilo is boxing this wednesday, that will be the most intense cardio wise, and Hilo is hesitant to WO tomorrow morning as boxing is already hard enough,
but what would David Goggins say about? hed say its a bitch move

Therefore tomorrow should kick off the official linear progression, tracking with excel so i can graph progress in a few months.

The many and large muscles activated through compounds will release muscle growing hormones, and while i want the most growth in my squat numbers, the vanity wants to grow the gun show. Arm exercises will be included to take advantage of the natural growth hormones produced by all the squats.

Still not sure if Hilo will do 3 or 5 sets of 5 reps on all these squats, initially he will target 5 sets and see how that feels.

3 days/week will be the goal, and 2 will be the minimum. If Hilo has the time maybe more circuit accessory work will be added at the end.

Early to bed, early to rise, early to squats, early to work.

In the words of David Goggins “Stay Hard!!!”

tentative plan for June 13, {43 minuets minimum time, + shower & commute}

Squats 3x5 {9’} [last set Joker Set]
Bench/Military Press 3x5 {9’}
Pullups 3x12 {9’}

Circuit (1 min stations x 2) {16’}
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Preacher Curl
Tricep Extension/Rope Pulldowns
Gaier Flys
Estonian Canoe

Boxing 1 Hour
Plan for 6/16/22… did not go according to plan
Gym Day:
Squats 3x5 (Last set is 5+ AMRAP)
Bench 3x5
Pullups 3x12
– Circuit –
1 Min Sets
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Preacher Curl
Tricep Extension/Rope Pulldowns
Gaier Flys
Estonian Canoe

Hilo has a confession… his squats suck. They always shocked his nervous system though a couple years ago he could knock out 225 naturally without training them. Today he admits to himself and the world he needs to start from scratch… At a minimum he will use 95lbs 3x5 and add 10lbs a day, three days a week Wed Fri Sun. Hilo read the training log of a gentlemen who was doing something like 20 rep 10 sets and just an abhorrent amount of squats. That maked Hilo want to jack up the volume to 5 sets of 8 reps, and work up from 95lb. His loathing of squats reminded Hilo of what Cus taught Tyson, “Do you what hate, but do it like you love it.” I guess if he loved squats he would do 5x8, but is that to much for recovery?

Hilo is finding there not enough time to do the full body circuit as he had planned. For instance today the squat rack was occupied so he started with supersets of 12 pullups and 12 dips, for three sets. The machine offset 110 lbs, and Hilo is about 220-225. The pullups are harder than the dips. The first set he completed with no breaks, but the second set took one break and the third set took three or four breaks. The dips only needed maybe one or two breaks total.

Actual 6/16/22
3x12 Machine Assisted Pullups (#20 plate = ~ -110lbs) \ superset w/ dips
3x12 Machine Assisted Dips (#20 plate - ~ -110 lbs) / superset w/ pullups

two warmups 10 reps w/ just the bar
3x5 Squats (95lbs) : (

That was all the time available over lunch. Had bad form at 135lb for one rep, disgusting…

So the first goal is to be able to squat 135 for 3x5 with perfect form. He’s going to stick with the 3x135 now for two reason, for the sake of time and consistency. Hilo would probably like to get up to 5x8 of 135 but for now, hes sticking with the boring linear progression an man jumping back in after a long layoff should do.

Because Hilo fucked around and went up in weight for no fucking reason and had shit form he is going to redo the 3x5 of 95lb.

Conceivable if he can stick to the 10lb jumps per w/o he should reach his goal by the end of the month.
Friday 3x5 95lb
Sunday 3x5 105lb
Wed 22 3x5 115lb
Fri 24 3x5 125lb
Sunday 26 3x5 135lb
Wednesday 29 3x5 last workout of the month

So if he plays by the rules, and only goes up if he has perfect form, that allows for one day of failing to get the 5 reps with perfect form and therefore not increasing the weight.

So at a minimum, every Wed, Fri, Sun… Hilo will
3x5 Squats
3x12 Machine Assisted Pullups
3x12 Machine Assisted Dips

Hilo needs to get his shit together. Once he does Hilo will probably implement OHP KB but at an angle not greater than 30 degrees of the sagittal plane. Bench. All kinds of fun stuff, but until he can squat 3x5 135lbs with perfect from and superset 3x12 m.a. Pullups/Dips in under an hour, its gonna be a boring but consistent workload.

Hilo doesn’t even think its the legs that the limiter, he thinks is mainly the nervous system fatiguing and then secondly atrophied stabilizer muscles.

Hilo will squat 225 again for reps with perfect form, and he will get there the right way this time.

This has been a transparent moment, a come to Jesus moment. This honest reflection is exactly what Hilo needed. Goals set, plan in motion, now to Do what you hate, but do it like you love it.

Plan for Friday the 17th, June 2022
Squats 3 x 5 95lbs
ss Pullups 3x12 (20 ~ 110lb)
ss Dips 3x12 (20 ~110lb)

Squats 3x5 115lb

  • Completed with good form, last set had two slightly out of line but readjusted and finished strong.

Seated DB OHP 3x12

  • Pair of 15lb warmup 2 good sets of 30lb, dropping to pair of 25lb and going for 3 good sets

Hammer Strength Row 3x12

  • Use to do 500lb rows forever and now struggled with 80 per side… dropping to 70lb per side

Next A Day
Squat 3x5 125lb
superset \ Pullup #20 ~110lb offset
superset / Dips ** **

Next B Day
Squat 3x5 135lb
superset \ Rows 70lb per side
superset / Seated DB OHP pair of 25lb 3x12

2 miles of hills during DG