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Hillbillies Versus imported Americans

Jochen and Billie Bob, we have enjoyed your feud. Keep it up. I will chime in if you start acting too warm and fuzzy.

It’s Bobby Joe you dumbass. Just for that I’m not posting anymore.

Oh, Bobby Joe, have a sense of humor. Jochen is a GERMAN not an imported American. I was just trying to get your goat. Don’t stop posting because you two have had some hilarious, Grade A, posts. If you insist, I will call you Bobby Joe. But, please, no more insults. I cry easily.

I just have to ask you a couple of questions lightandfluffy: Do you just go around here on this forum intentionally trying to cause conflict? Do you try to stir the pot and get people all razzled? Does it get you off or something?
I mean this is kind of ridiculous what you are doing. Not only bagging people’s posts on here but now insulting people to get their goat. I am sure you are just doing this all in fun or what you might think is fun, but please don’t go around stirring up conflict just so you can get your entertainment. It is just classless.

Youre a fag lightandfluffy. that name says a lot about you.

Don’t make fun of the name. LightandFluffy is a dominant name that should be regarded with reverence and awe.
Grizza, Grizza, Grizza. I have to admit that it is fun to get your goat. However, my crusade to clean up the language on this forum will benefit all. Imagine if you will this paradise: Everyone writing in clear and concise english. Can you imagine not being nauseated while reading every other post? It would be such a treat if people payed attention to their grammar and their spelling. I will keep up my struggle against laziness and sloth. Wish me luck.

It’s PAID, not “payed”, you incompetent grammar crusader.



I know who lightandfluffy is. Actually it’s kind of funny 'cause I wasn’t sure if I was right or not until I read one of his earlier postings. However I will say that if it is the same person I am thinking of he is not very well liked at all by most people who know him. Perhaps that’s why he is trolling the internet? LOL you are sad dude.

Okay, Sherlock. However, you do not know me. I am unknowable and unfathomable. You are mortal and are therefore unable to know me. I am that I am.
Besides JP, everyone loves me.

‘Unknowable and unfathomable’ I guess that is one way to refer to ones’ self. And ‘I am that I am’ are you now referring to yourself as the risen Christ, you know Yahweh (also check my spelling there its been a while since Catholic school)? I have to say that is taking things a bit far. No matter how big your ego is considering yourself God on this message board is a bit ridiculous. I don’t know how religious of a person you are, but your references to being the risen Christ are a little dumbfounding(I’m not some bible thumper so don’t take it that way, I just think it is kind of ridiculous).
And now you are so willing to go out on a limb and say that everybody loves you too. C’mon now, you stir up enough shit(pardon the french here) on this board that I think you have burned enough bridges to consider yourself not all that well liked. However I don’t mind you all that much. I am starting to find you somewhat entertaining.

I like Lightandfluffy. His posts are completely off the wall and ridiculous, and make me laugh almost as much as the guys who take him seriously (grizza, viktor, etc.).

I guess you have to have a certain sense of humor…

haway lads - if light 'n fluffy wants to - and enjoys - being a complete muppet… then why not let him?
[i dno about you guys, but muppets amuse me (unless theyr on the cable crossovers when i wanna be - grr)]

I think he could be taking the piss…

aye, i know. but our hilly-billy friends dont. 'n its not nice to wind ppl up - y’know how they get all unhappy. 'n then they get stressed. ‘n no-one likes bein’ distressed. what happened to gentlemanly conduct 'n Sportsmanship?!?
bloody hell, has it all bin replaced by gamesmanship? i think its shite if it has. hmph.
–shining wit

Al are you a northern England bloke? If so you are from our parts mate!

you’re my hero.

Geez, the accents are so thick that I can hear it through me bleedin’ PC! :slight_smile: