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Hillary's Future Plans


"He said that Hilary was very forthcoming because she was amid friends. She did speak of starving her people, primarily through inflation. She said that the process of the American dollar's destruction had started some time ago and was 'proceeding nicely'. Because the American economy was deflating they debased the American dollar, thereby keeping the price of food and fuel high. She said that although this hurt every 'robotic American' it would destroy the 'serfs' first. Apparently there are to be riots in cities which the American government is orchestrating and will put down with extreme force. [My informant didn't provide any sort of time table for these riots, but if it were me organizing I'd have these happen during winter and then freeze and starve the sheeple.]

She said that George Walker Bush increased credit and terrorism allowed for greater market interference, both of which lead to a misallocation of resources. Obama continues these policies. The market is now trying to correct this misallocation, but every time it does the Reserve Bank and American government make it worst by providing more credit - 'a little bit more heroin to help you fight your addiction' (laughter)."


Glad to know the 'progressives' have us on the right path.


Just so you know "Future Plans" is redundant.


I think whoever wrote that is giving her too much credit. She's genuinely stupid, not an evil genius.


She isn't stupid. Not a genius but not stupid.


Man, I saw on South Park that someone his a snuke in her sniz and she didn't even know it.

Shes an idyit.