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Hillary Doesn't Stand A Chance In 2008


Is it just me, or do you also think that Hillary Clinton doesn't stand a chance of being elected President in 2008?

Oh, I think she might get the Democratic nomination all right (and as a Conservative Republican I am rooting for her to get it) but getting elected President -- no way!

Reasons she cannot get elected:

(1) She is way too far far far left on everything (despite her attempts to move toward the center, she reveals her leftist stripes over and over again).

(2) She is married to Bill Clinton.

(3) We just don't elect Senators. John Kennedy was the last - I cannot even name another ever.

(4) She is way to angry -- Americans don't want their leaders to be angry and shrill. She yells about everything in that annoying (chalk on a blackboard) voice of hers.

(5) The country as a whole is far more conservative.

(6) Can we really trust Hillary to keep us safe from attacks? Could you imagine her standing up to any of the world's maniacs?

As I said, I am hoping she gets nominated, so the Republican can trounce her, but in my opinion SHE DOESN'T HAVE A PRAYER.


I say no way.It's not just because I dislike her,but she won't win a single state in the south,and if Guliani runs,she probably won't even win NY state.The problem is that Guliani will have a hard time getting the Republican nomination because he's more moderate than conservitive.Some states that went for Demo's in 00 and 04 will probably not go for Hillary regardless of who the Republican is,like Minnesota,Wisconsin,and Pennsylvana.I personally hope she doesn't even run,because you can never discount a Clinton.


"as a Conservative Republican", don't you have other things to worry about. I mean, your spoiled little brat is making a mess.

Did you enlist? Did your son? Did any of your relatives or friends?

I'm sure you're from a VERY patriotic family.


What's your issue with a very patriotic family?


I think Hillary will get the Dems nomination in 08. She has the largest campaign fund and the ebst organization.

She will not win. Not by a longshot. That alone is enough of a reason for the Dems to nominate her. They can't help themselves. She is a liberal. The country will not elect a liberal. She tries to be moderate but she can't.

Perhaps her biggest fault is her anger. She is one pissed off lady. Pissed off about everything. She gives angry speechs and her behavior at the state of the union was well noted. She forgot to smile at the jokes and rollling your eyes is childish.

My guess is McCain gets the nod for the Republicans in 2008. Maybe Rudi as VP. At least a 5 pt. margin of victory over Hillary.


I'm sure Jimmy T has no issues with a very patriotic family. He's talking about the "W" bumper sticker crowd,who usually have no clue. They just blindly support the worst president of all time.


The folks up there in New York said the same thing when she ran for Senator. "No way, can't happen."

Granted they are far more liberal in NY than in most other states. But DO NOT under estimate Hillary Clinton or her political machine. She is surrounded by political veterans from her husbands two terms in office. They know how to win!

With that said the main reason she will lose is that she will have to go through a blood bath to get the nomination (which she does not have a lock on, but will probably win).

She is going to be bloodied by Kerry, Edwards and Al Gore who really, really doesn't like her!

And then the republicans will get a hold of her......


I have no issues with any patriotic family. As long as they don't support your troops from a distance. As long as they don't think they're blood is to precious to be spilled in some desert half way across the globe.

It's the arm-chair patriots I have an issue with.


You turned this thread into a Bush hate fest man..

Breath...in and out.. :slight_smile:


Hillary should run and win! Anyone who can turn $1000 into an even $100,000 in only one month of cattle-futures trading, gets my vote.



They will still be running against Bush in 2008. No wonder they lose elections. This thread is a good example of Democratic political thought.


And originally it was an: "I'm insane and I hate Hillary" thread ? ? ?


Thanks for making point. No, they didn't enlist.

But they didn't beat the wardrum either. Bush does. The twins should enlist.

Don't be shy. Don't support your troops a distance. Get up close and personal. Get killed by your war.

It's Darwin.


Um..did you even read the original post.

You have to settle down...



Lincoln, Rosevelt and Truman never served in the Armed Forces of America. Each sent men into battle. And Truman was the only President to use nuclear weapons.

The democratic talking points really don't make any sense when you think about them.

You are smarter than that man...


So basically those against this war and the Bush administration such as yourself are "unpatriotic"? Or did you mean something else with your armchair patriot comment? Perhaps you need to redefine your derogatory jargon.


She doesn't stand a chance in hell in the general election because half of the nitwits in the country don't think women should stray from the home. Yeah, she has other faults (like any presidential candidate), but sadly, I think that the main reason she won't become president, assuming she wins the nomination, is that people are not yet ready for a woman president.

I hope I didn't come off too blunt, I realize it isn't 1920 anymore, but I don't think we're at the stage we think we are with equality. God knows when we're going to get a president who is a delcared atheist.



Sorry to correct you.

FDR served in WWI. Lincoln served in the Blackhawk war.

Finally, Truman was under serious fire as an artilleryman in WWI.

I still love you, however!!!



The problem with Hillary is that she is too much like Bush. Both have a hard core following within their respective parties but are too divise to hold on to the middle. The next President will be the candidate who gets to the middle first, and McCain and Giuliani have a huge head start in that regard. As republicans they will not have to dispell any pre-concieved notions of being weak in foregn policy or national security. On the other side, both are moderate-liberal enough on social issues to ease the minds of swing voters. Giuliani is just as socially liberal as Clinton, with a strong pro-gay, pro-choice, and pro-gun control record (he has stated these are part of his core beliefs in many interviews). McCain often partners his legislative agends with leading democrats and is a media darling who can deliver good sound bites.

On a side note, it is interesting that all of the leading candidates have been hawkish supporters of Iraq, one of the strongest sources of discontent in the public...


McCain and Rudi? 5 pt. margin? No way. If the Republicans did that and the Dems candidate was Hilary, they would win by far more than 5 pts. I wouldn't be surprised with a landslide in the magnitude of a 70/30.

Everybody likes McCain and Rudi. Even I do, about 80% of the time. If all Republicans were like them, I'd have a heck of a hard time deciding who to vote for these days.

But there's no way McCain and Rudi will run. They are just too centrist, have too much integrity, and most people in the party are deeply afraid of putting them in a position of real power because of that.

Maybe one of them will the nomination for VP. I doubt anything more than that.

In regards to Hilary, I sincerely hope the Dems can get a better candidate. I really like her -- more than McCain or Rudi -- but I know I'm in a minority -- most Americans really don't understand the value of her qualities, nor the dramatic positive impact that having a Woman being the most powerful person in the world would have.

Americans can't get past the "angry b*tch" image, so I don't have the slightest hope she can win.

Personally, my preference for a Democratic candidate that I believe can get elected (in theory) would be somebody like Wesley Clark... I hope he can learn from the mistakes he made in 2004, leverage the fact that people, more than ever, dislike and suspect seasoned politicians, and he runs, this time successfully, in 2008.