Hillary Clinton for VP

Who out there that will be voting DEM in the Presidential Election would vote for/like to see Hillary Clinton on the ticket for Kerry?s VP? I?m not a DEM, just curios.

Me Solomon Grundy


How 'bout prison?

She’s already said she’s not interested, about a million times already.

The extremists in the Right Wing media keep bringing this up as a possibility, to whip up anti-Democrat sentiment, because they know their hardcore devotees have a phological hatred of anything ‘Clinton’

Hate to dissapoint you, but it aint gonna happen.

err… that’s supposed to read “pathological”

Well I’m neither a Democrat nor an American citizen so it doesn’t matter to me very much, but in terms of strategy the Dems could do worse than to put Hillary on the ticket. It would really bring in the women’s vote for them (52% of the electorate) and it seems like most of the anti-Bush crowd will be voting for Kerry even if he picks Satan himself to be his running mate.

P.S. An even better running mate than Hillary Clinton? Oprah Winfrey. It would never happen, but it would be a landslide if it did. I’d guarantee it.


You have to admit she is a lightening rod for the republicans. I think the best thing that the dems could do to help G.W. is give Hillary the nod for VP. Her negatives are very very high.

Theres such an intense hatred for the woman from any conservative, and most have no reason for it. Everyone around Bill Clinton gets hatred aimed at them because nobody can not like him since he was such an amazing politician.

For VP, its going to be a governor, another senator isn’t going to help.

I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton on the ticket or anywhere else.

Hmm, maybe the hatred for Hillary Clinton has to do with her being among the most liberal in the senate. Just a guess though.

Everyone has a conspiracy theory, and here is mine. Bill Clinton releases his ?book? right before the election bringing the Clinton name to the fore-front. Hillary Clinton is chosen for Dem VP. Kerry and Clinton are elected. At this point, if anything were to happen to John Kerry, Hillary Clinton would be President. I realize that last statement is obvious. That maybe the only way that Hillary Clinton would reach the presidency.

Me Solomon Grundy

If I were John Kerry, I wouldn’t want Hillary on the ticket. She might pull a “Vince Foster” on me.

She’s the closest thing you can get to a socialist without actually sitting in the firing seat of a north vietnam anti-aircraft turret. But in reality, she and Ted Kennedy hold the cake for the most liberal politicians in America, they are practically admitted socialists.

The VP WILL be Richardson.

Shes not as liberal as she used to be when she was first lady. Still, I don’t think she would be a good choice. Richardson would probably be a good choice.

In the Orwellian world of George Bush’s America, if you are a moderate, then the Right Wing extremists call you a liberal. And if you are an actual liberal, the Right Wing calls you a Socialist.

Labels are so convenient.

Seems to me that it is going to be difficult for Kerry to draw votes from the South, even with a Southern Governor. If I were him I would write off the south and make a big push for the western states. Richardson would indeed be a good pick!

Hehehe, it’s amusing to see how afraid of the Clinton’s republicans are. OMG, she could be president if she was VP, OMG OMG… commit hari kari now!


You’re from Canada, right?

Two words ~ Shut up.

I don’t think it will happen because if Kerry loses, Clinton would be preparing for the elections in 2008. With Kerry’s wishy washy track record, he doesn’t stand a chance, unless Bush does something to really fuck things up.

Jack, go fuck yourself. Ideas and thoughts don’t have convenient little geographic boundaries.

Let’s see, I’ve lived in New Jersey – thoroughly enjoying the south shore during the summer. One of the highlights was watching the 4th of July fireworks in downtown New York. I’ve lived halfway between MIT and Harvard when I was in the Boston area. I’ve lived in Sunnyvale and San Jose in California. I lived in Las Colinas while I was in Texas.

I’ve made a lot of friends during my travels and nearly ended up marrying a woman I met in Texas.

I think I’ve learned an awful lot about street level America and big business in America. I travelled worldwide on behalf of a certain US company meeting with their largest and most important customers – helping everyone improve their business practices.

However, yes, I was born in Canada – so I had better just shut the fuck up because it isn’t possible I might actually have anything useful to say.

The ignorance and attitude you possess is truly one of the downfalls of the American situation. Look at the world outside your little boundaries. Leave the cave…

So, to put all that in language you can understand – why don’t you send the marines up here and make me! Dickhead. I lift weights. I buy biotest supplements. This is my home.