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Hill Sprints


What sort of volume and intensity are the norm for this protocol?

For example today I did 10x110metres on an incline of about 1:12-15 at about 75-90% of my max speed for fat loss.On another day this week I'll probably do 12X40m on the same incline at 90-100% for for speed and power.Another day I'll do 250mx4 at about but I hate this one with a passion as it engenders too much systemic fatigue,harder than any weights workout(even squats and deads).

What is everyone else doing and how do they find it?


well,when I ran i never went to a track or anything.I'd skip for about 2 blocks to get warmed up then I'd do a quick jog with 4 block sprints.Repeat the quick jog with 4 block sprints for 2.5 miles and you got yourself some nice cardio.That was up and downhill...though I always did it no matter how tired I was,mostly because there was always some dog chasing my ass.

I'll tell ya a little tip-the more you measure/plan the actual running,the less fun it'll be.Just set a distance and a day.When the day comes,just have fun with it.When I'd get bored I'd play a game,like sprint everytime I saw a mailbox with a "7",or highknees for a block for every red car I saw.Just have fun with it,or you wont stick with it.


Great advice.


Don't know if it helps, but have you tried fartleks? (Swedish for "speed play"). If you live in a hilly area run on the flat, sprint up hill and jog down hill. Start at about 30 mins & throw up afterwards. Simple.

Read more in "Fighting Fit: the SAS fitness guide" by Adrian Weale. Good stuff.