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Hill Sprints


Hey Jim,
I was reading an article about hill sprints. You said it had to lower your training max when you were running them 3-4 times a week. Any guidelines for how much to lower your TM? I will be running the same hills you did.



We always try to keep TM at 85-90%, thus why we have added a week to the program “7th week”. How much you lower it depends on way too many factors, but in general, stick with 85% and as long as you are able to fly through your training, which should be abbreviated due to heavy stressor!, you’ll be fine. Don’t turn your lifting into conditioning though - there is a time/place for that and this is NOT one of them.

Just don’t be an idiot with your training - when you PUSH something into your training, you must PULL something out. Especially when it’s something like hill sprints.