Hill Sprints

I am starting a program where I will be sprinting up hills 4 times a week. When/how long until I will start to see noticeable gains or the majority of my gains in speed. Thanks

Start by timing your 40 / 100 / 200 meter times. This way you have a baseline to work off of.
If you program your training properly, probably about 4-6 Weeks in !

Also, we need to know you age, height, weight, sports backround and athletic ability.
Those who are already in great shape will have smaller gains than those that are crawling off the couch…

IM 16 and I have low bf% and im already relatively fast. I am looking to do this for 4 weeks outside of my regular soccer practice so I can get as fast as possible before college camps. Do you think I will see any results in 4 weeks.

4 times a week is too much.
Make it twice a week, and sped more time on your skills.

Uncle Bird.


As well as sprinting hills try throw in a speed session with things like high knee sprints up stairs, single and double footed bounds up stairs, some general running drills and very short sprints and some upper body plyos like plyo push ups etc.

If you aren’t already lifting weights and doing things like presses, pull ups, squats, deads, hip thrusts, and the power versions of the Oly lifts then adding some jumps and bounds should go a long way to helping you become more powerful. Just take it easy, you shouldn’t feel battered after a session with plyos, should feel fast and pretty fresh!