Hill Sprints

i am looking to join the fireservice next year and as such cardio fitness will need to be a fair bit better (im not ‘skinny’ atm lool).

Training is as follows:

monday chest calves

tuesday legs

wednesdady off

thursday shoulders

friday back

saturday arms

sunday off

I’ve heard they recommend swimming and hill sprints into a weight training routine and i intend to do each once per week with a friend (im currently unemployed and the weights are a great distraction), and my question for you is when should i do sprints? I realise this may seem like a daft question but i’ve heard that it is very intense for the legs.

Obviously i realise not to do them the day before legs (legs are tuesday), but should i do them the afternoon after legs or the day after or even a sunday? Swimming will be done on the other off day :slight_smile:

So one day of swimming, one day of sprinting, and how many days of weight lifting?

You didnt lay out your weight lifting plan so its difficult to help you slot in your sprinting. Also, what is your plan for sprints? 6x100m, 3x200m ? Bleacher sprints?

We need a little more information before we can fully help you out.

Sorry i was not very detailed in this lol

Monday chest calves

Tuesday legs

Wednesday off

Thursday shoulders

Friday back

Saturday arms

Sunday off

running would be hill sprints- i dont have an exact distance for this sadly. Should take around 30 secs or so to get to the top.

Have you considered doing your swimming/hill sprints on days that you are weight training? Also, what about combining a few of your workouts to give yourself more time during the week to do your cardio?

I would look into the requirements of the fire service if that is really why you are training. What you have right now is a bodybuilding split and I do not think the fire service is going to give two hoots about how great your arms look.

The fire service probably just requires you can pass a basic fitness test, so I would make sure you can do everything they require first.

In that particular layout I would do sprinting on your Arms day. I’ts far enough enough from your leg day that it wont impede recovery (probably give another little training stimulus actually) and there is no reason to cut into your Off day when Arms are not very taxing on the entire body.

the stairmaster is your best friend for the fire service.

i would find out the exact requirements for the fires ervice tests, as they may include x number of pushups, sit ups, bleep test, carries etc. have a specific goal to train for

yeh basically they require you to carry equipment over a short distance, pick stuff up of the floor (deadlift basically lol) and squat in a machine…doesn’t sound to hard.

Still they have a cardio test and i’d like to be able to have some cardio fitness, i realise they don’t care bout my quad overhang or the peak on my biceps llol i figured its only a bit of running though and i was just wondering when would be best for it :slight_smile:

btw captain slow…there are quite a few guys who are firemen and lift…steve kuclo and jeremy hoornstra come to mind…they both also do a 5 or 6 day bodypart split, so it can be done…

here is a vid of steve kuclo(high level npc competitor) during fire academy…he comes in around 4:50

guess bodybuilding training isn’t completley worthless :wink:

[quote]captain slow wrote:
yeh basically they require you to carry equipment over a short distance, pick stuff up of the floor (deadlift basically lol) and squat in a machine…doesn’t sound to hard.

ha squat machine! my friend told me that when he joined the london police 2 years ago, they had replaced pushups with a push/pull machine, so it was ‘less discrimitory’ toward those who cant do pushups FFS