Hill Sprints + Strength Training

OK so i’m 15 years old and my goal is as functionally strong and fit as possible mainly just because I want to, I don’t really play any sports regularly. I’m 5’9 150lbs and have been doing starting strength for about 1 month now with good gains. My diet is pretty simple I just try and get as much clean quality foods as I can eat day.

As I walk home from the gym there is this hill I walk up and the other day I thought how perfect it would be for doing some sprints. My idea was to alternate doing them 1x - 2x each week on way home from my weight training.

What I’m wondering is since I’m kinda skinny Is doing these sprints going to interfere with my strength gains. Do you think I would be better of just focusing on starting strength and getting a good base up?

this i would say depends on what your goals are in regards to the hill sprints. do you want to improve your cardio or build leg strength. as far i know they are great for both, especially strenght. as you said you are a pretty skinny guy. so if you are trying to gain weight or mass it is important to remember that if you want to get big, you need to bulk up by consuming more calories than you expend. intense cardio eats up alot of calories. so keep that in mind. if thats not your concern, then i would say go for it. i would plan to do them for the first time a few days before you work on your lower body. when i first tried a sprint workout my legs were sore for about three days. it really surprised me. since these workout are pretty tiresome it might take a while to figure out a plan to fit them into your current routine.

this is a good article to get started if you decide to go for it.

If I was you I would just make my workouts more intense, there are many ways to do this, as well as remember to make the gym your #1 priority and these hill sprints that you start to be supplementary. If you have fat accumulating over what is expected, because weight gain is fat and muscle, then you should focus on diet corrections. Hill sprints should be done just to increase oxygen use of your body and to create a mental satisfaction of doing cardio.

A lot of powerlifters include gpp (general physical preparedness) like sprinting so they can do build up their body’s energy systems to be able to handle greater volume and intensity in the weight room. If you choose to incorporate them your strength will take a dive at first, but as you get used to them you’ll find you will be able to do more volume in the weight room which means more muscle (assuming you’re eating enough) and your strength levels will get back to where they were. I personally prefer barbell complexes to sprinting, sleds, or tires.

just do them

Fuck yes, you are 15 and full of T-- you should sprint like there is no tomorrow. If you can find a mountain, sprint up that. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.