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Hill Sprints/Sleds/Farmers Walks

I going to be doing the 5/3/1 with BBB asesory work with the 4 day (Sun/Mon/W/Thrs) template and have a few questions.

  1. When is best to do prowler pushes? After two of the lower body lifting days as a finisher or on the non lifting days?

  2. With applying the advice from the question above should I do hills sprints on the off days?

  3. Was looking to add Farmers Walks and was thinking at the end of the upper body lifting days as a finisher?

Looking to lose as much fat as possible during the 3 months. I’ll be following Jim’s diet advice when he lost 30lbs

Sprints and prowlers should be done on lower body days, maybe on an off day as long as you don’t have a lower body day the next day. Farmers walls might be a little taxing on the grip of you do them on deadlift day. Remember though, these are all hard conditioning, and Jim recommends only doing 0-2 days/week of hard conditioning when doing BBB. Don’t exceed your ability to recover

Edit: if your main goal is fat loss and getting better conditioning, there are better templates than BBB

Yeah you’re taking an already taxing program and are trying to add prowler, hill sprints and farmer’s walks to it. That will probably end up being a disaster. Don’t do the farmer’s walks at all. There’s no added benefit and you’ll already get plenty of grip work with the BBB deads. If I were running that program I might push the prowler light after squat and deadlift and then do some easy conditioning the rest of the week. But there’s no point in doing BBB while trying to lose weight.

This. There’s a literal fat loss template in forever. There’s the krypteia. 5s pro/PR sets and 5x5 FSL with lots of conditioning. Spinal tap, HS years is great for improving conditioning. The list goes on

Thanks guys. I just bought Forever and will read up on Kryteia. I’m not planning to start this for another month.