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Hill Sprints: On Lifting or Non-Lifting Days?

Hello everybody, I have a few questions about hill sprints.
I’ve read on here that they should usually be performed on non-lifting days.
What do you think is the reason for this? And what difference could it make doing them on lifting days?

I mainly train for climbing, and this means that I use weights as pure finishers, or as power-booster on non-climbing days. Often I would do some kind of weight training, from complexes to cleans or snatches, and then do hill sprints.
Should I do sprints on their own, without any other kind of effort before, except warming up?

Also, do you think that it could be somehow beneficial to do just some hill sprints - short and fast - the very day before going climbing to have some kind of recruitment the following day?

Many thanks as usual.

I do sprints on lower body days but if your doing full body routines then off days. I recover better when I consolidate them with my lower days but that is just me. How you do them is a personal preference, I would experiment and see which you prefer. If sprints are a priority for you (i.e. competition, ect) then it makes sense to have dedicated sprint days otherwise I do not think it matters. I sprint once a week and walk 2-3 miles every other day of the week. I have found walking (treadmill or outdoors) to be effective at maintaining aerobic capacity without much impact on recovery.

Cheers for the reply, my focus is not on sprints, although it’s so good when you feel fast! I use them only for conditioning purposes, fat-loss and general power output, but everything is aimed at climbing harder.
I just tried them after some proper lifting (clean and press and full snatch) and man, I was tired. My hams and glutes were not responsive at all and I wasn’t bouncy at all off the ground with my feet.
Anyway a good session!
I will try with some other lifting, maybe an upper body complex or some snatch pulls from hang, to tire the hams and glutes a bit less.

I am still curious though: sprinting after lifting - tired, that is - can potentiate the efficacy of the lifting? Or does it simply add up as some high-intensity volume with no specific benefit?

Cheers for the replies.