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Hill Sprints on a Bike


Hi little buddies,

I have recently decided to improve my conditioning by doing bike sprints on a hill once a week. I used to do these a few years ago in another neighborhood on a hill we will call “hill A”. On “hill A” I typically could do 4-8 repeats depending on my conditioning level at the time. I would often feel intense lactic acid build up in the legs in the final moments of the sprint, almost to the point where I could not really feel my legs and was probably pushing my limits.

I have recently moved to a new neighborhood and have found a new hill which we will call “hill B”. “Hill B” is slightly shorter and slightly less steep compared to “hill A”. When doing the hill sprints on “hill B”, I fall short of getting the lactic acid burn in my legs which I would feel in the last 20% of the sprint with “hill A”. I can obviously do more repeats with “hill B” as well.

Questions are: should I find a new hill that gets me a little more lactic burn in my legs at the end of the sprint? Is there any benefit of feeling that lactic acid build up, or is it better to fall short of that sensation?

Im just wondering, as in the gym I try to avoid failure, and I am thinking there might be some benefit to avoiding “near failure” for my conditioning as well??

My goals are just general fitness and awesomeness, and some improvement in quad size is a bonus.




I think you mean lactate, not lactic acid.