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Hill Sprints for Bulking ?


What do you guys think of this program to improve conditioning and speed? Too much, too little? Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any feedback.

Done Post-Workout 3x per week
Jump Rope: 100 double leg, 50 right, 50 left, 100 alternating, 50 high-knee, 100 double leg

Hill Sprints (outdoors):
5x20 yards (warm-up)
5x10 yards (15 sec. rest)
4x20 yards (30 sec. rest)
3x30 yards (60 sec. rest)
2x40 yards (90 sec. rest)
1x50+ yards
**after the first four weeks increase distance/decrease rest


I just go to my local field a couple of times a week (It has a football/soccer pitch)

I sprint half of it - or sprint till I start losing power then rest. I dont really bother seeing how far it is.

20 sprints plus all the jump rope is a bit overkill for after a workout in my opinion.Usualy I do 6 - 8 all out sprints and call it a day.

But if it feels good, dont worry about it.


What worked for me was, 15-20 100-150 yard sprints, walk back. once a week
Another time a week. Jump rope for 20 minutes. Stop clock as necesaary.
Do each once a week.


Thanks for all the replies. I know it's three times per week, but since it's shorter distances and longer rest would that be equivalent of doing longer distances once or twice per week?


I read somewhere that in order for your HGH to kick in, you need to sprint at least 8 seconds. I could be wrong on that. I think your rest periods are too long toward the end. Do your sprint walk or slowly jog back, repeat. 3x a week is great.

Another one you could try is jump rope for a minute. Put the rope down, sprint 50-100 yards. Walk back, repeat.

I'm not a hill sprint guy, I'd rather go to a track or a field and run hard. Hill sprints are great, I just don't do them.


Legit, thanks for the advice, BC. I really appreciate your help.


Yes. Just yes. Anything involving sprints/prowler at least 3 times a week is good in my opinion. Make sure you add more food on to your diet but otherwise you should be good to go.


Food isn't really a problem at all. I eat PLENTY of it. I just don't want my sprinting to de-rail my strength gains (which have been awesome).

Let's say that if I'm eating enough of a surplus would my plan be enough to minimize fat? (Instead of doing bike intervals, etc.)


Be prepared for your strength to take a bit of a dip at first. It'll come back after a few weeks when your body gets used to it though.


See that's the strange thing though. I started jump roping and hill sprinting last week (during my deload) and when I got back to my normal routine this week all of my lifts have increased dramatically. I have increased my caloric intake by quite a bit too however.


Why is the title of this thread "Hill Sprints for Bulking?"


Because my main question was if the jump rope/sprint workout i first listed is sufficient to perform while taking in a surplus. I'm having trouble deciding between it and regular interval bike training. I apologize for not stating this in my first post.


In my opinion LISS is going to be better for fat burning in the end, but for people serious about getting strong sprints are the best option. And they do have there place in fat burning as well.


Well size and strength are my number one priority. Plus, I love sprinting and I despise the treadmill. As long as the sprinting and jump rope will stave a solid amount of fat gains I'll be happy. Plus, I also get about 4 miles a day riding my bike around campus.


well then that's great! And yea, the surplus most likely helped a lot.